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BookingBug Introduces Next-Generation Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange Features into the Platform.

Enhancing its integration capabilities, the platform provides a more interoperable, secure and scalable solution to its enterprise clients.

Here at BookingBug, we’re the world’s leading Time-as-a-Service™ (TaaS) platform with intelligent appointment scheduling, queuing and event management applications. Today we launch our next generation integration layer, which includes powerful enhancements with Salesforce Lightning and Microsoft Exchange. With these updates, we’re continuing our effort to drive technology innovation for our enterprise clients. These enhancements propel our platform to become more interoperable, secure and scalable, ultimately resulting in faster deployment and implementation times for our customers.


Enterprise architectures, by design, tend to consist of many systems and applications, which provide the critical services a company relies on to run its day to day business. Since these architectures are the glue that holds together a modular infrastructure, integration solutions must be highly robust, stable, and scalable. As we continue our focus on the enterprise sector, it was important for us to invest in maintaining our market-leading position and expand on our integration capabilities. This new release does just that.

What's new for Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is a critical system within our banking clients enterprise architecture. It was important for us to enable a seamless integration between our clients existing Microsoft Exchange application and BookingBug. The new integration is now incredibly simple to deploy and offers our clients a more interoperable, scalable and secure connection between the two applications.


The manual creation of calendar items, tasks and contacts in MS Outlook is an administrative cost organizations could live without. Our new Microsoft Exchange Integration is designed to provide a full suite of capabilities needed to deliver seamless, intelligent and scalable scheduling within Microsoft Outlook. The integration increases the visibility of key information, removes repetitive data entry and increases employee productivity. It also now includes appointment lock which minimizes accidental editing of a customer created an appointment in Outlook.

The new features empower business users to be faster and more efficient in their roles.

What's new for Salesforce Lightning?

BookingBug’s admin experience is now directly embedded within Salesforce Lightning enabling business users to manage all time-based services within one platform including configuring the BookingBug platform.


The auto-creation feature automatically creates the booking and customer data into Salesforce when they don’t exist in the clients system and updates the lead or contact record when the customer does exist. The booking automatically updates if any changes take place throughout the booking lifecycle.

Both these enhancements will significantly reduce administration and minimize record duplication for our clients resulting in savings on operational spend. An additional operational benefit is that all future updates to BookingBug are instantly available to users within Salesforce due to the simplistic nature of the integration reducing the burden on internal IT teams to manage updates.

When is it available

Our new product enhancements are available to all new and existing customers today.

Further information on our Salesforce integration can be found at Further information on our Microsoft Exchange integration can be found at