How services can help to merge online and offline retail environments

Our CEO, Glenn Shoosmith, shares his thoughts on how by creating omnichannel bridges, retailers can win loyalty that exceeds simple customer discounts and points. Here’s a quick preview of what he has to say:

internet retailing

“The world is besotted with the idea of using content online to capture and hold customer interest and, in many ways, rightly so. By generating articles and videos that help people get to grips with your subject area, you make them interested in your business by creating genuine value for them. This is at stark contrast to more traditional methods like online advertising, which can feel intrusive, interruptive and a burden to the web user.

Attracting customers in the offline world has most closely resembled that old-fashioned, interruptive advertising approach. However, by using technology to help create new added value experiences and services in store, you can start to generate similar benefits to an online content strategy in the offline world and reap similar benefits in areas from loyalty to increasing footfall, more conversions and growing lifetime value.”

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