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How To Get Customers Back To The Store


If you have anything to do with retail, you know that NRF is the authority and that their Big Show is the world’s largest retail conference. At this year’s show there were 35,000 attendees from 90+ countries, so its truly a global affair.

Our CEO, Glenn Shoosmith, gave a presentation to a packed house at this year’s conference. It’s not hard to guess why the room was so crowded. The topic was one that is on everyone’s mind: how to get customers back to the store. Truthfully, It's hard not to think about store traffic when just a handful of brands cumulatively closed over 5,000 stores in 2017.

The reality is not as bleak as it seems. Glenn’s presentation revolved around a new piece of research we conducted called Modern Consumer Research: Top Retail Trends in 2018. In this piece, we surveyed 2,000 shoppers in the US and UK to learn about their shopping behaviors and preferences. From that data, we were able to pull key areas where retailers can make improvements & thrive in 2018.

The rest of the presentation goes into additional insights and more importantly, how some brands are using these insights to drive store traffic, provide better customer experiences, and increase revenue.

You can watch the full presentation here.