How BookingBug and Salesforce are bridging the digital and physical divide with a 360° customer view

Here at BookingBug, an increasing number of our customers are using our platform as part of a larger Digital Transformation initiative. This means they are often using BookingBug alongside other comprehensive solutions such as CRM, eCommerce, and a variety of other solutions.

As the Alliances Director for North America, I am constantly involved in ensuring that our solutions and people are working in concert with our partners.

With Dreamforce fast approaching, let’s look at how BookingBug, Salesforce, and Deloitte Digital are working in tandem to support our customers’ digital transformation strategies.

Salesforce fuels customer insights

Salesforce recently celebrated their 20 year anniversary. As the undisputed leader in the CRM space, Salesforce has over 150,000 customers while nearly 100% of the Fortune 500 use their platform.

Like BookingBug, one of Salesforce’s key value propositions is to help companies have a 360° view of every customer, which is the foundation of a digital transformation strategy. By building a picture of individual customers’ behaviors and preferences, companies are able to deliver a seamless and personalized customer experience, which is now expected by modern consumers.

Creating a 360° understanding of your customers is the first step in any digital transformation initiative and Salesforce has transformed how companies achieve this. As banks, retailers, and other businesses have adopted Salesforce, they’ve taken a step closer to bridging the physical and digital divide, but still struggle to reimagine their branches and stores. More and more companies are turning to BookingBug to help them achieve this.

Deloitte’s Digital Bank Initiative

As one of Salesforce’s strongest consulting partners, Deloitte Digital has partnered with BookingBug on their Digital Bank initiative. As Deloitte helps drive digital transformation within the banking sector, their Digital Bank initiative, supported by Salesforce, uses a pre-integrated ecosystem of partner technologies to help banks create value by offering their customers solutions that are tailored to their individual customer preferences.

Deloitte has chosen BookingBug to be a part of this pre-integrated ecosystem due to the value it brings to their customers. Deloitte will be demoing BookingBug along with other solutions at Dreamforce.f you are attending Dreamforce, and want to see BookingBug in action, head over to the Deloitte Digital Bank Accelerator Session

BookingBug driving technology innovation

BookingBug’s powerful platform, with its scheduling, event management, and queuing applications help solve these challenges. Through our partnership with Salesforce, data capture from all customer interactions is centralized so companies can build a comprehensive picture of each of their customers.

We’ve made powerful enhancements to our Salesforce Lightning integration layer in order to continue our effort to drive technology innovation for our enterprise clients. These enhancements propel our platform to become more interoperable, secure, and scalable. This ultimately results in faster deployments and shorter implementation times for our customers.

If you are interested in learning more about our integration with Salesforce, check out the datasheet

Additionally, if you’re interested in meeting with anyone from BookingBug while at Dreamforce this year to discuss digital transformation or our partnership program, please email and we’ll arrange a time to meet.