Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is Chinese New Year (also known as the Lunar New Year), so to all those that are celebrating:

[gong xi fa cai - which means "wishing you a prosperous year"!]

Under the traditional Chinese calendar, this is the time of year for family reunion. With red lanterns hanging from the ceiling, Year Cake on the table, and Red Packets going around, spending time with family is of the utmost importance during the 15-day celebration!

This year also happens to be the Year of the Horse, taking its turn as one of the 12 Chinese zodiacs. For those that were born in Years of the Horse, you can expect this Year of Birth (i.e. matching zodiac year) to contain fluctuating fortune in all aspects, hence will require great care and thought. However, if you treat those around you righteously and with kindness, fortune shall be on your side and this year should be smooth sailing.

And as we enter the Year of the Horse, we couldn’t think of a better opportunity than now to give a highlight to one of our star user businesses, Shetland Pony Club! The leading provider of Shetland Pony experiences in the UK, they offer unique riding activities and offer a pony share scheme for children. Click here to check out their widget!

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Chinese New Year is centred around good fortune, and for all our users, we hope your business has a fruitful and bountiful year to come. So from all of us here at the BookingBug HQ, we wish you a prosperous year full of good luck!

Happy Chinese New Year!