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Guest blog post: How to let your accounting software help run your business

This is our first guest post by Alex Bell, Marketing Communications Copywriter at one of our partner companies, KashFlow. KashFlow is an online accounting software for all businesses, regardless of your accounting and bookkeeping knowledge. Alex is going to be discussing the benefits of using an accounting system as an aid to running your business.

Starting and running a business is an exciting and stressful journey, that often comes with a steep learning curve.

It’s a learning curve that successful business owners are not put off by, in fact, the steeper the curve, the more fired up many startups seems to be. It’s what sets them apart and helps them achieve the amazing independence of running their own business.

However, when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping, there is still a sense that this necessary part of running a business is best left to someone else, like a bookkeeper or an accountant. And while an accountant is definitely a must for a successful business, this relationship would be better served if business owners had more control over their financial information.

So what if accounting software could help run a business?

Cloud solutions like KashFlow are increasingly becoming a central part of how different owners and managers run their businesses. A key reason for this is the power and freedom the software gives them to manage everything from invoicing to payroll, all from a single software base. Plus, being cloud-based software, means they can run all these critical elements of their businesses wherever they are, from any device.

More and more businesses are also using their cloud accounting software to drive the heart of their financial operations, by integrating payments processors like PayPal or the direct debit merchant GoCardless. Any payments their clients make can be automatically and immediately recorded their accounts, ensuring accurate records and up to date information.

This kind of integration also allows small business owners to get paid much faster, by having the power to add ‘Pay Online’ buttons onto their invoices. Combine that with the automated credit control options already featured in the KashFlow package (for example), and customers can almost be guaranteed a hassle free payments process.

But its not just about the money. By integrating add-ons like the MailChimp email marketing system, customers can use their accounts information to better inform their marketing messages. Or, by integrating BookingBug’s online scheduling software, users can take bookings directly from their own website to give their customers a seamless booking experience.

Add-ons (along with a powerful API) are a great way to bolster a business’s operations, and with a little bit of investment, small businesses can even commission the development of their very own application to be integrated with their accounting software.

Take printing and marketing company, Pinksheep who use KashFlow software at the core of their business service, meaning they can do everything from issuing quotes to chasing payments, managing their payroll and more, all powered by their accounting software. They’ve also made use of KashFlow’s powerful API, by integrating their website and their KashFlow account. This means their client ordering structure can be easily managed online, with the order immediately added into KashFlow and invoices automatically emailed to the clients.

It’s all about driving efficiency, saving time and making things easier for small businesses. If you want to know more visit