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Ensure Success With Your Scheduling Software Adoption


If you are considering purchasing scheduling software for your company, we have good news and bad news for you.

  • The good news is that scheduling software is an incredibly powerful tool that allows your customers to easily schedule meetings with your employees. The scheduling software will increase the number of face to face meetings that your employees have with your customers. This, in turn, will improve your engagement with your customers and provide a better understanding of their needs.

  • The bad news is that too many companies have trouble with software adoption after implementing the software. The cliché, “if you build it they will come” is not always true when trying to encourage employees to use the latest enterprise software. It is even more true with scheduling software since customers will be using the software too.

There is a silver lining with this bad news. Understanding the most common pitfalls companies typically face when adopting new software allows your company to easily sidestep these issues, greatly increasing the probability of a successful adoption of the software.

In response to the challenges, the BookingBug team has created a new white paper, Ensure Success With Your Scheduling Software Adoption. This paper covers everything from software adoption difficulties and best practices to recommendations on how you can promote adoption across your company and with your customers.

This white paper outlines research published from Harvard Business Review and Forrester Research on why software adoption is so difficult. The document explores the mistakes companies typically make with their software adoption strategy so you can avoid them. This piece provides a custom, five-step framework for your company as you build your scheduling software adoption strategy; from strategy and implementation to people, process, and promotion.

We explain why it is so important to choose a software adoption sponsor and to create a role for employee champions of the software. The white paper outlines best practices the company, along with each employee, can follow to ensure success of your scheduling software adoption. We detail strategies your company can implement to ensure that your customer is aware of the availability of scheduling software, including promoting on the web, social, email and signage.

We encourage you to download this valuable white paper, Ensure Success With Your Scheduling Software Adoption, so you can ensure that your company has a successful scheduling software adoption experience. We would wish you good luck, but you won’t need it after you read this white paper.