Employee Spotlight: Flavio Tulino

As a growing technology company with offices around the world in London, Boston and Sydney there are many moving parts, and often weeks and months fly by. As Head of People at BookingBug I believe it’s important to highlight some of our amazing employees that make BookingBug such a great place to work.

Over the next few months I’ll be introducing you to several employees from our offices - second up in the employee spotlight series is Flavio Tulino, Front-End Developer based in our London office.

Here’s what Flavio had to say:

A leap into London

Four months have passed since I’ve moved to London! But let’s proceed with order… I am Flavio, from Naples, Italy (you know, pizza, mozzarella and mandolino), and I am a front-end developer.

I started work as a developer in 2013, near my home town, and I started to learn more than I expected, even more than I learned during the first four years at University!

After that first experience, I decided to look at other companies because I was looking for something more exciting, and maybe that choice is one of the reasons I’m speaking with Jules.

In that company, I met a colleague with whom I started to talk about our travels, our experience, and we both ended up talking about our dream to live and work in London someday…

After some months we began to spur each other to look for a job in London… and well, we succeeded! We sent out CVs, and we were called by two different companies almost at the same time (cute, right?)

When I started to work at BookingBug, in May, I almost immediately realized I made the right choice: a multicultural environment, great people around me and a company who cares about its employees.

I was also lucky to familiarize with a lot of people, even if we do come from different parts of the world, this helped me to understand that maybe people from different backgrounds are more similar to each other that we imagine!

I’m actually classified as Senior Developer here, and I take care of front-end stuff, but I’ve always aspired to take on more management tasks, and I think this is the right place to learn and improve my skills, but of course, without leaving development! ;)

If you’d like to join the fun check out our open positions in London, Boston and Sydney!