Employee Spotlight: Dan Taylor


As a growing technology company with offices around the world in London, Boston and Sydney there are many moving parts, and often weeks and months fly by. As Head of People at BookingBug I believe it’s important to highlight some of our amazing employees that make BookingBug such a great place to work.

Over the next few months I’ll be introducing you to several employees from our offices - first up in the employee spotlight series is Dan Taylor, Customer Success Manager based in our London office.

Here’s what Dan had to say:

Customer Success….How did that happen?

Many moons ago when I was young and dreaming of being a train driver, the idea that I would end up working in Technology as Customer Success specialist seemed about as likely as England winning the World Cup! Especially since the concept of Customer Success has only been around for a relatively short time.

Like most people I never really had a plan about what my career would be, it just kind of evolved. I spent the early part of my career working in Learning and Development at a large Financial services company (It wasn't as boring as it sounds!). My role developed over time to include harnessing the latest technologies, most notably running the company wide learning management system. It’s at this point that I was first exposed to Customer Success although as a customer.

When the time came to choose the provider we would use for our LMS one of the key criteria for me was the support we would receive post-sale. This was when the vendor we eventually chose rolled out their big guns, the Customer Success Team! They explained how the team would work with us throughout our customer lifetime, ensuring we were fully briefed on the latest developments, engaged at a strategic level, educated about the product roadmap and more importantly be on hand as a partner to help drive the relationship. This for me changed my outlook on the traditional vendor/supplier relationship we had all become accustomed to. I liked what I saw and decided to try it myself.

So I packed my bags and moved to London to pursue a career in Customer Success. I decided I wanted to try something completely different from the large corporate environment I was used to and took a job at a Tech Start-up. I loved the fast pace, and the fact I could try things out without fear of being stymied by process. It was a steep learning curve but I gradually understood what it takes be a Customer Success Professional in the Tech world and more importantly how to be a leader.

From there I moved to a mid-size company that was almost immediately acquired by one of the true global tech players. This where I learned the value of building a strong Customer
Success Team. It is important to have a diverse skill-set in your team. A mixture of product expertise, relationship and business acumen and a passion for Customer Success.

From my experiences over the last 4-5 years I have come up with these 3 central pillars of what I believe Customer Success is all about:

  1. Educate - Empower the customer by providing top class training and resources on the product. Updating them regularly when new features and processes are released.

  2. Engage - Understand and empathize with the customer, learn about their industry, and understand their key drivers in order to build a trusted partnership. Provide insights based on your expertise to show that you are always driving value.

  3. Support - Help the customer through issues and pain points, listen to their concerns and be pro-active in providing solutions.

That’s my story so far at a very high-level, but hopefully, it gives you a flavor of the journey I have been on. Watch this space as I discover more…..

If you’d like to join the fun check out our open positions in London, Boston and Sydney!