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Does Your Organization Want to Save Time?

For any enterprise organization, the scarcest resource is not money, skills, or free doughnuts in the break room.

It's time.


Employees are making hundreds of decisions about their time every day. They're choosing to spend their time working on a project, scheduling a meeting with a customer or blocking out time to do a deep dive. Your customers are doing the same thing. Because of the value your company is providing, they're choosing to spend their time with you rather than with your competitors. Unfortunately, most companies rely on a mishmash of methods to schedule their appointments. This is a problem because it wastes time (and money, energy and productivity). In addition to better managing time, here are some key benefits to using an online appointment scheduling solution to increase employee efficiency.


New customer acquisition

Imagine you're speaking with a prospect and they indicate an interest in your product. Instead of sending them an email that they might not read, ask them for a time that would be convenient for them and book the appointment right there on the spot. The prospect has already committed to the time and knows there will be somebody ready to discuss next steps. Make it easy to arrange an appointment right from your website, whether it be scheduling a college interview or booking a personal shopping appointment to pick out your outfit for that summer wedding.

Managing customers

Our scheduling solution allows you to integrate your CRM including Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics to it. Integrating BookingBug into your CRM can help gain a 360° view of the customer, including the last time they visited, which staff member they spoke with and what they purchased. This information can be used to better understand your customer making it simple for the marketing team to appropriately send personalized communications. For example, if a loyal customer has not been into store for a while you can easily invite them back for a meeting or special event to re-engage them. Scheduling appointments can also be one of the best ways to reduce customer churn.


Improve Staff Management

Deploying appointment scheduling across your enterprise allows companies to track employee behavior better. For prospective employees, our appointment scheduling software can send multiple reminders – reducing the chance that they show up for the interview on the wrong day. For current employees, managers can easily schedule regular reviews with their team to ensure job satisfaction. When HR or technical issues arise, meetings can be scheduled promptly. A booking system can also increase staff productivity by taking care of the scheduling, appointment of tasks and time management for them, allowing staff to concentrate on providing excellent customer service.

Better Understand How An Enterprise Operates

An enterprise-level appointment software solution can easily provide a departmental or organizational-level view of all meeting activity. This gives managers powerful data on staffing patterns in order to minimize staff downtime and maximize productivity. For example, Oriental Bank is a leading banking institution based in Puerto Rico. They use BookingBug to manage nearly 50,000 bookings on a quarterly basis. With BookingBug’s reporting capabilities, they successfully map scheduling patterns across their network of branches and realign personnel resources to ensure locations are equipped with the appropriate resources.

After implementing BookingBug, a large building society in the UK learned that certain financial advisors had large gaps in their capacity. After in-depth analysis, they took measures to restructure how they offered appointments, giving advisors a more balanced workload across the board. This new configuration allowed overbooked advisors to meet with all their members and to provide a higher level of service for each of their members.



The benefits from an appointment scheduling solution are numerous. Companies save time by easily arranging important meetings with customers, partners and other employees. Fewer meetings are missed because our solution provides numerous reminders via multiple methods. Deep relationships with customers are cultivated leading to better customer satisfaction and increased revenue. Digital transformation efforts are supported by moving processes from analog to digital. Data about meetings across your organization provide key insights about who is doing what or who is not doing what they are supposed to.

If you are interested in saving time as well as all of these other benefits, give us a call – we have time.