Does Your HR Department Need to Improve How It Interviews Job Candidates?


Recently, we heard about a company that had one job search candidate show up one week early for an interview and another candidate came in for the interview one day later. Obviously, there were disconnects for all the parties involved and the result was not optimal for either the company or the interviewees. It is not hard to find stories of disasters with interview scheduling at other companies, especially where there are last-minute changes to the schedule or multiple candidates coming in for interviews on the same day.

Many human resource departments are overwhelmed with all the scheduling necessary to recruit and interview job candidates as well as onboard and educate new hires. These challenges do not even include scheduling recurring classes and routine human resources meetings. Trying to manage all of these events, meetings, interviews, and classes using a typical email scheduling solution is not going to cut it. Companies need an enterprise solution with powerful scheduling features, including the option to schedule multiple reminders across a variety of methods including phone calls, emails, and text messages.

There are many HR-specific software solutions available for hiring new employees that include appointment scheduling. Unfortunately, there are two problems with these solutions. One, since every department is hiring people, you will have to train the ENTIRE company on this system. And two, these solutions are not an enterprise-caliber scheduling solution. As companies look to streamline their internal processes, adding more complexity with software that covers an important but narrow need is not the solution.

What if there was a scheduling solution that could meet all of your HR scheduling needs as well as meet your scheduling needs across the company?

Adding an enterprise-level online appointment scheduling solution that integrates with your calendar software and your CRM can increase revenue while improving internal productivity. Now your customers can schedule meetings with your employees and your human resources department can schedule job interviews. Job search candidates and your team can get multiple reminders about upcoming interviews, eliminating the chance of candidates showing up at the wrong time. This is a great example of moving your internal processes from analog to digital as part of your company’s digital transformation effort.

What is digital transformation?

Author Greg Verdino says, “Digital transformation closes the gap between what digital customers already expect and what analog businesses actually deliver.” It’s proven that companies that implement successful digital transformations have better customer satisfaction and better financial results. As an HR professional, your customers are the entire company, and what they expect is a solution that can meet the needs of the company, not just human resources.

HR departments are often isolated from company innovation. Fixing the interview process with an enterprise-level scheduling solution that can help drive the digital transformation effort at your company can provide your department with the opportunity to help drive future innovation.


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