A digital revolution for the UK's service businesses

Our CEO Glenn Shoosmith has shared his thoughts and advice with Ingenious 

Britain,on how entrepreneurs running the UK’s small and local businesses can sell

their services online:

Over the past 10 years we’ve seen e-commerce boom as entrepreneurs running small and mid-sized businesses have benefitted from a host of cost-effective tools and platforms enabling them to sell their wares online. Unfortunately when it comes to selling services online that picture is somewhat different.

The human element of service delivery means that it has been intrinsically much more complicated to market and sell services online. However, the great news for service businesses of all shapes and sizes is that technology is now catching up, and it is easier than ever before to manage and grow a service business online.

So with that in mind here are some top tips for entrepreneurs managing service businesses, looking to make the most of this growing online opportunity….”

To read the whole article then head on over to Ingenious Britain’s website.