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Customer Success: Plymouth City Council invests £960k in better ‘First Stop Shop’ experience

As high street banks and retailers continue to invest in store customer experience, the challenge for local councils to provide a competitive quality of service has grown.

Plymouth City Council’s latest project combines flagship retail space with technology including BookingBug to modernise how citizens book and interact with public services. Visitors previously issued with ticket numbers will instead be booked in for a meeting, allowing customers to put their time to better use.

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The customer experience benefits are joined by improved efficiency, thanks to the data and insight that BookingBug offers. The council can now better understand demand and provide resources for the public services that matter most. Today, this includes everything from council tax and housing benefits to planning applications and parking permits.

Plymouth City Council customer services project manager Aaron Osborne-Taylor describes the challenge: “Managing appointments in a way that’s accessible and convenient is one of the key frontiers of supplying better public services. BookingBug’s ‘Digital by Default’ setup was easy to implement and the support we received from the team was key to the project’s success.”

For BookingBug Founder and CEO Glenn Shoosmith, it’s a continuing example of a public sector trend: “In recent years, the high street has adapted to focus on offering great service and great in-store experiences. But at the heart of these projects is affordable, scalable cloud tech that’s just as easy for councils to adopt. For every profit-driven corporation that uses BookingBug, there’s a savvy public sector organisation using it to make citizens’ lives better.”

In the next phase of the roll out, Plymouth will be looking at how BookingBug can streamline appointments for an even broader range of public services.

The stats

  • 8000 council customers and staff consulted
  • 2 floors and a mezzanine for customers
  • 62 customer service staff
  • 50 staff computers with 27-inch screens
  • 13 self-service machines
  • 9 customer service booths
  • 2 paying-in machines, one of them accessible 24-hours
  • 4 disabled-friendly drop-in desks
  • 6 interview rooms
  • 1 meeting room