Customer service tips for SMB's and Start-ups

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A common issue for small businesses and start-ups is struggling to offer an effective and reliable customer support service. This is because it requires constant attention and can be very time-consuming when new and small businesses fail to prioritise. So, here are a few tips for leading effective customer support service, from our very own super Support Team!

Regular Communication

The key to customer support is to have regular communication with your customers. Whether this is dealing with customer difficulties or just informing them of company updates, maintain consistent and clear communication channels with them so that they are never left in the dark.

A helpful and reliable communication tool

To sustain regular communication with your customers, you will need an effective tool you can always rely on. Here at BookingBug, we use UserVoice, which allows us to respond to our customers and gather more feedback in order for us to grow and develop. A great feature of UserVoice is the activity column which shows the entire history of communication between employees and customers. This can allow for improved efficiency, as it allows you to keep a large record of all your correspondence and stay on top of your customer issues, no matter when they were raised.

An auto-responder

When customers email support, they are most likely asking for assistance with immediate difficulties they are having and may be looking for a quick answer. This can be a problem when dealing with many enquiries on a daily – if not hourly – basis.  Therefore, by having an auto-responder, you can inform customers of when they might expect to receive the answers they are looking for and avoid unnecessary waiting on their side.

Help articles

Customer support is more than just doing the task for customers when they are having difficulties with it. When trying to explain a solution over the phone or via email, it can be confusing and time-consuming, so a useful alternative (for you and your customers) is to have help articles. At BookingBug, we have a Knowledge Base which is full of help articles and video tutorials that address common customer issues. Additionally, users will be able to look specifically for their issue, and will find the quickest step-by-step answer, whenever they want.

It is important to remember that to offer good customer service, you will need to dedicate time and resources, making sure your entire team are as helpful as possible and can respond quickly to customers.  Though like anything in business, it is a skill that will constantly need to be looked at and improved.