Come and Join us at Marketforce: The Future of Retail Banking

We cannot wait for The Future of Retail Banking, and it’s back even bigger and better than ever before. With a brand new day focused on Customer Engagement in Banking and a stellar speaker line-up confirmed, the event will provide the perfect platform to learn from those driving change across the industry.

It’s no secret that innovation is absolutely crucial to remain competitive in the banking landscape. The two day Retail Banking Summit will give you the knowledge you need to succeed, with hot topics on the agenda including artificial intelligence, open banking and app-only banking.
Join the BookingBug team at The Future of Retail Banking on Tuesday 29th November, Wednesday 30th November and Thursday 1st December to:

LEARN how using BookingBug as part of your omnichannel strategies can elevate customer engagement, improve associate experiences and increase revenue.

JOIN live hands-on demonstrations of the BookingBug platform to discover how you can use your web and digital assets to increase in-branch footfall.

Bringing together the financial services leaders and best solution providers from across the world, The Future of Retail Banking is the perfect opportunity to share and discover insights into the future on the retail sector.

Here are three exciting sessions that have caught our eye:

Leaders’ Forum: Envisaging the future banking landscape

Find out the following:

  • To what extent will the banking industry look considerably different by 2020? In what ways might open banking initiatives revolutionise the sector?
  • Will customers notice any significant change once ringfencing has taken full effect?
  • Are there any changes that would effectively encourage greater switching in banking?
  • Will challenger banks and disruptors such as Google and Amazon increase competition?
  • With more and more new players, is a round of mergers and acquisitions on the horizon?
  • Subsidiary banks: the answer to the traditional bank’s problems?
  • How might FIIC and charging accounts develop over the next decade?

Tuesday 29th November| 10:30am

Panel Discussion: The foundations of open innovation

Find out the following:

  • Defining what open data and open API’s really means for banking
  • Why is a shared set of standards so fundamental to opening up the industry?
  • Where can we look for examples of how these standards might work in reality?
  • Where will funding for these initiatives come from?
  • Is regulation the only way in which banking can be encouraged to be more open?
  • How will open regulation work in relation to existing legislation such as data protection?
  • How can these changes be explained to customers in order for them to take advantage?

Wednesday 30th November | 16:00 pm

Leaders’ Forum: Building stronger relationships with customers

Find out the following:

  • In what ways will engagement become increasingly vital over the coming years?
  • What are some of the pitfalls when developing an engagement strategy?
  • How important are emotional connections with customers and how can they be nurtured?
  • What news opportunities are there to offer value-added services?
  • How can data drive a successful engagement strategy?
  • Which new technologies will have the greatest impact on customer engagement? How can the return on investment be best measured?

Wednesday 1st December | 10:30am

So if you’re heading to London for The Future of Retail Banking 2016 and want to know more about how to offer joined-up customer experiences, be sure to stop by the BookingBug stand to join product demos and talk to our team of experts about our solutions.

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See you there!