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Bulk Prices for Classes, Courses and Events

We’ve now added bulk pricing for classes, courses and events, a feature only previously available to service and resource based businesses.

To enable bulk pricing, go to Account, Settings and Pricing. Click Change beside Discount Pricing and choose Set prices for set number of bookings / take block bookings. Click save.

Settings options under Account

Bulk prices for services, resources, events, courses and classes under Discount Pricing

Under Configure, when creating or editing a course, class and event, you will have the option to set bulk prices under Pricing and Tickets.

Click on Edit Bulk Prices. You need to enter the number of spaces or tickets and price, a name for this offer and a description. Click update when you have finished editing or creating your class, course or event.

Date and time, pricing and ticket options configured under Event Details

Bulk pricing options

Bulk prices for classes and courses in the BookingBug widget

Booking details