BookingBug tools you don't want to miss


At BookingBug, we offer a vast range of features to suit the needs of pretty much every business type. The versatility of these tools and features means that no matter what your business requirements, we’ve got you covered.

From asking booking questions, to setting up deposits, to purchasing sessions in bulk, BookingBug has all the features you’d ever need and more.

But what other great BookingBug tools may have slipped under your radar?


Prevent spam bookings by requiring customers to enter a CAPTCHA code every time they book.

Attach pdf tickets to Event/Course booking confirmations

For that added touch of professionalism and validity, attach tickets to your booking confirmation emails.

Factor in packing up/travel time into booking time slots

Block out time before and after sessions, to give yourself time to travel, prepare, or pack up after your session.

Choose to price your services in terms of resource/staff member

Great if your staff have different skill levels, or perhaps your rooms/spaces (resources) require different prices.

Set up terms & conditions

Make sure your customers have all the information they need and are aware of your requirements before booking with you.

Set up parent/child accounts

Useful if your customers have children they wish to book appointments on behalf of, such as for a dental appointment.

Real-time dashboard alerts

Stay updated with your bookings when logged into your account with dashboard notifications.

Allow customers to set-up passworded logins

Customers can surpass entering their details each time they make a booking by having their own passworded account.

Add individual schedules for each of your services

Great if your services run independently, and often at the same time.

If you’d like to learn more about BookingBug’s features and how they can benefit your business, drop us a note at