Enabling mobile access to government services

The recent Mobile Government event in London brought together leaders from local and central government institutions from up and down the UK to discuss the future of public services. As mobile technologies become more ubiquitous, and customers expect to engage across multiple channels, BookingBug joined the conversation leading a packed seminar on “Next generation customer engagement.”

Hosted by BookingBug’s CEO & Founder Glenn Shoosmith, and with case studies presented by Aaron Osborne-Taylor from Plymouth City Council and Mark Barlow from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the session explored how government departments and local councils are using mobile to deliver better services to the public at a lower cost.

Aaron Osborne-Taylor, Mark Barrow and Glenn ShoosmithAaron Osborne-Taylor, Mark Barlow and Glenn Shoosmith

Taking cues from retail, Plymouth City Council has launched its  ‘First Stop Shop’. According to Aaron, 50% more people are able to be seen since the implementation of the new system, putting an end to the exhaustive queues and long waiting hours. The First Stop Shop is proof that it is possible to reduce bureaucracy, offer a great customer experience, and make cost efficiencies in councils and local government organisations.

On the central government front, Mark explored how BookingBug is now helping five million British expatriates around the world to connect with their local consulates digitally. After a trial period with the six busiest consulates, the BookingBug appointment system is now is being rolled out to 200 locations across the globe, allowing British citizens to access consular services wherever they are. Consequently, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office now offers a system that is simpler to use, safer and more integrated, connecting all consulates and offering a more consistent service.

As each of these success stories highlight, with the right strategies and technologies it is possible to reduce costs and become more efficient whilst offering high quality, digital by default, services – with the public being the ultimate winners.

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