Founder & CEO of BookingBug, Glenn leads the 140-strong team across the firm’s offices in London, Boston and Sydney.

BookingBug nominated in the Europes

We’re very excited to report that BookingBug has been nominated for ‘Best Bootstrapped Startup’ in the upcoming Europas :

Looking across to categories, we’re pleased to see some of the best and brightest of the European startup scene there, many of whom BookingBug count as friends – which is going to make it all the more difficult for us to decide in some categories who to vote for!

There’s a good list of companies in the Bootstrapped list too, with with some good ideas, so it’s going to be a tough competition, and we’re pleased to be included in that list – which will make it all the more exciting if we win!

So if you haven’t voted already – do go and vote, for us for starters, but also show your support for other startups and people you like in the community