BookingBug Monthly Update - June 2017


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From the industry:

Brands unclear who should take responsibility for customer experience

Marketing Week June 1, 2017

“Just 35% of CMOs believe it is their responsibility to use customer data insights to improve the customer experience, compared to 37% of CEOs and a mere 29% of chief customer officers (CCOs).”

UX is the ultimate goal and AI will help, but brands still struggle with with data and channels

The Drum June 15, 2017

“Over the past 18 months, 64% of marketers surveyed say their companies have become more focused on providing a consistent experience across every channel as a result of changing customer expectations.”

Don’t design for emotion in Customer Experience

Forbes June 18, 2017

“More recently, a number of firms, vendors, analysts and commentators have started talking about designing emotion into customer experience.

I think that is a mistake and, potentially, a waste of time and effort.”

“To try and design emotions into the customer experience ignores the fact that all customers are different, have different requirements, characters, experiences and contexts. And, much of the time, companies won’t know any of these things.”

AI can comb through your data to create more compelling Customer Experiences

Harvard Business Review June 14, 2017

“Just like in any relationship, a business can earn trust and loyalty by being a good listener and being there for the customer at a point of need. By leveraging automated analytics, customer interactions can fuel a continuous feedback loop that adapts in real time to add value at every touch point.”

From the BookingBug Blog:


Spotlight on CX: Blake Morgan, Forbes

In our latest series of interviews we’ve set out to truly understand customer experience, to establish where it is now, and find out where it will go next.

First up is Blake Morgan, Keynote Speaker, Customer Experience Reporter at Forbes and Author of More is More.

Latest In-store Innovations that are Driving Customer Loyalty

Modern day retail loyalty is no longer as simple as collecting loyalty points on a plastic card. Nowadays it is the entire user experience which will determine whether customers choose to return again.

A survey provided by Bouncepad in the US said that 78% of 1,000 consumers surveyed want businesses such as retailers, restaurants and hotels to do a better job of using technology to improve the shopping experience.

Why Whole Foods Is Just the Start of Amazon's Retail Revolution

There is no doubt that Amazon is taking the retail industry by storm with its constant releases of the newest gadgets, partnerships and investments.

In the past six months the major online brand has released multiple tools to make online shopping, and now even in-store shopping, even more seamless, and with the news of its partnership with Wholefoods, “Amazon’s biggest investment to date,” the market is looking forward to seeing what will happen next.

3 Steps to create a top customer experience

Blake Morgan on why automation is good for CX