BookingBug Monthly Update - July 2017


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From the industry:

Customer experience with brands ranked 'OK' across key industries, with less than 1% ranked excellent

The Drum June 30, 2017

“Forrester analyst Rick Parrish and team found that only 18% of US brands were noted for providing good or excellent CX. A mere one percent of the brands in the 2016 US CX index achieved a score in the excellent category. There were no European brands who were ranked as excellent in CX.”

The Big Debate: Is becoming an ‘ecosystem’ brand the only way to win customer loyalty?

Marketing Week July 4, 2017

“Connected and convenient, ‘ecosystem’ brands like Amazon and Google may have the greatest potential for future growth, but does this model work for every business?”

Trinity Mirror group marketing director Zoe Harris says “Amazon is a convenience brand. You’re not loyal to Amazon, you’re loyal to the convenience it provides and if someone can do that convenience better or cheaper, I think people would switch quite quickly, which is different to a genuine brand where you have an emotional relationship. I think there’s a difference between brand diversification and this idea of ecosystem brands.”

Why Customer Service Needs to Be Treated Like Physical Exercise

Inc July 6, 2017

“In many ways, the cycle of a fitness improvement plan is a metaphor for Customer Experience improvement. If you want to improve your Customer Experience, it is this point where the work gets more fundamental and far-reaching than in the beginning. In other words, it gets more difficult to improve; the easy changes have been made, and now the real work begins.”

Customer Experience, Opaque AI and the risk of unintended consequences

Forbes July 27, 2017

"As with any system, AI is very much a case of ‘garbage in, garbage out’. If we want AI that produces ‘good’ answers, we need to feed it ‘good’ data...

How Billion-Dollar Companies Think Differently About Customer Relationships

Entrepreneur July 20, 2017

“Business is competitive. Customers come and go. But the secret to creating a company that lasts lies in getting the most out of relationships you’ve already developed. Stop trying to make a quick buck, and start developing relationships that will sustain you long into the future.”

From the BookingBug blog:


Spotlight on CX: Neil Davey, MyCustomer

In our latest series of interviews we’ve set out to truly understand customer experience, to establish where it is now, and find out where it will go next.

This week we’re speaking to Neil Davey, Editor of MyCustomer…

Does your tech company need to consider digital transformation

It’s ironic that many technology companies do not use technology internally at a standard that would be considered effective. Many companies do not effectively share data or do not connect processes to maximize productivity. One area that is readily apparent for improving disconnected processes is in appointment scheduling….

Three Examples of Leading Brands Innovating with Chatbots

Will chatbots take over? Accenture Strategy recently found that 77% of individuals still want human interaction when they require guidance and advice, which can be a challenge for retailers to provide when more customers are moving to e-commerce and mobile retail, demanding immediate communications day or night. Despite this, Nordstrom, Pizza Hut and Uber are making waves when it comes to creating a revolutionizing customer experience with the use of chatbots.

4 eGovernment Best Practices for Local Governments

Recently, we looked at a few U.S. cities that are on the forefront of eGovernment innovation. These award-winning digital governments, including Los Angeles, Durham and Virginia Beach, are innovating their governments to be more user-friendly and accessible for their constituents...

Video of the month:

The Business Debate - Are CX surveys “irritating and pointless”?

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