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BookingBug Monthly Update - August 2017


Welcome to the latest industry update from BookingBug. Every month, we summarize a handful of the key stories across the industry that you may have missed along the way.

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From the industry:

5 Ways Chatbots Can Improve Customer Experience In Banking

Forbes Aug 6, 2017

*“We’re already seeing banks such as Swedbank posting positive results of their chatbot tool called “Nina” built with Nuance Communications. The bank says of the 40,000 conversations a month that Nina handles the chatbot resolves 81% of the issues.”

I'm Buying Your Customer Experience, Not Your Product

Entrepreneur Aug 2, 2017

*“When your experience is laced with empathy and care -- these core needs of humanity which I just happened to find at a random Five Guys -- I am one happy customer. I don’t care if your competitor's product costs half as much -- if your experience warms my heart and lifts my spirits, I’m coming back, and I’m telling my friends.”

Forget About Saving Customers Money. Save Them Time Instead

Inc Aug 18, 2017

*“You can always make or accumulate more money, but you can't make more time. Experience is how we spend that finite commodity. That's why great experiences are what really build brand equity and why being speedy and responsive increases customers' happiness.”

From the BookingBug blog

Spotlight on CX: Matt Watkinson, Author and Consultant


In our latest series of interviews we’ve set out to truly understand customer experience, to establish where it is now, and find out where it will go next.

This week we’re speaking to Matt Watkinson, CX Consultant and author of The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences…

Does Your HR Department Need to Improve How It Interviews Job Candidates?


Recently, we heard about a company that had one job search candidate show up one week early for an interview and another candidate came in for the interview one day later. It is not hard to find stories of disasters with interview scheduling at other companies, especially where there are last-minute changes to the schedule or multiple candidates coming in for interviews on the same day.

Is Microchipping Revolutionary or Tech gone too far?


If the trend for human microchipping continues to grow, retailers could soon be improving the customer experience in-store through customer data stored on their microchip, and with 73% of consumers preferring retailers who use personal information to personalize their shopping experience, it’s not as far-fetched as it may seem.

Video of the month:

The Future of Customer Experience: Living Business with Accenture Interactive