BookingBug Monthly Recap - May 2017


Welcome to a new feature of the BookingBug blog. Every month, we will be summarizing a handful of the key stories you may have missed along the way.

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From the industry:

Salesforce's Dream: A Customer Experience That's Totally Connected

Forbes May 31, 2017

“If you go to a store and call the call center an hour later, the call center should know what happened in the store. And if you tweet something about anything relating to a service that you are consuming, somebody in the call centre or elsewhere in the company needs to understand that this is what you are saying.”

When it comes to customer experience, more is more

Forbes May 9, 2017

“Companies have a habit of making life harder on customers in order to make it easier on their own company. However companies that go above and beyond and make life easier and better for customers will ultimately be the winners of their market.”

Why US brands are crushing the UK customer experience

Marketing Week May 18, 2017

“US brands are very focused on how employees interact with customers, the type of behaviors they use and the service levels they aspire to. Their target for a great experience is far higher than companies in the UK.”

Five customer experience insights from T-Mobile, Patagonia, Mozilla, WeTransfer and Work & Co

Customer Think May 29, 2017

“Building increased and sustained customer loyalty is a perennial challenge for any growing and healthy business. But, too often organisations and brands default to loyalty ‘programmes’ to try and boost and maintain their customers loyalty. However, during a panel on loyalty, Matt Staneff, SVP of Customer Loyalty, T-Mobile USA offered a refreshingly different view…”

From the BookingBug Blog:


Online banking reaching critical mass, CX key to unlock branch potential

“Even as online banking usage continues to grow, major retail banks are struggling to create an ideal in-branch experience to complement it. This is even more important in light of the finding that 70% of consumers now swap between online and offline channels when carrying out a transaction.”

3 Companies Achieving Success Using the Concept of Net Promoter Score

“The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a powerful tool for companies because it measures customer experience. It asks one question, “How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?” [score from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best]

While companies internal NPS is not typically shared, research organizations have conducted and published external NPS surveys. Other organizations have evolved the concept of NPS to create their own customer experience rankings. Here are 3 companies that have used the concept of NPS to drive their success.”

3 Retailers Using In-store Technologies to Reshape the Customer Experience in 2017

“You would think by the end of 2016, Amazon would want to put its feet up, but the behemoth instead set its sights on opening the Amazon Go convenience store in its hometown of Seattle with new ‘Just Walk Out’ technology, allowing customers to grab products and leave without queuing to pay.

“Other retailers are following suit, and 2017 so far looks like it will be the year that retail technology changes from fantasy to reality. Here are three retailers leading the charge on the high street”

Highlights from Modern Customer Experience 2017 in Las Vegas: