BookingBug Knowledge Base now has video tutorials!

Here at BookingBug, we hope that we can provide helpful information via the Knowledge Base to assist you as you set-up and use your BookingBug account. Support is always on deck and ready  to help out with any queries you might have, but we hope that the extensive set of articles are also helpful in guiding you to the right answers.

As an initiative to further improve our Knowledge Base, we have now started to add video tutorials! These will provide a different perspective to assist you on different aspects of BookingBug, and hopefully will make some things easier to understand. Check out our first tutorial below!

How to set your availability

We’d love to hear what you think about this video, and what sort of improvements would help make these better! We’ve also started producing the next set of videos, so we’d be happy to hear what other types of video tutorials you would like to see! Be sure to tell us in the comments down below, or send us an email to!