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BookingBug integration with Gmail through Rapportive

Hey everyone -

Starting today we have integration with Gmail through Rapportive; “A free browser plugin (available as both a Firefox add-on and as a Chrome extension) that replaces the adverts in Gmail’s sidebar with useful information about your contacts: : a photo, bio and links to social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc).”

After installing Rapportive and your Raplet (instructions here)you will have access to features, such as adding new events, editing and viewing upcoming ones. All while you are within your email.  This is the first step in a line of initiatives to improving your work flow. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions.

Check out the BookingBug Raplet in action:
Install Rapportive and connect your Raplet now.
If you have any questions, be sure to check out our instructions.

* only UK and EU BookingBug clients at the moment US very soon!