How BookingBug is bringing a previously uncapturable category of customer into Salesforce

In this always-connected, highly competitive and highly commoditised age, B2C brands are finding new ways to innovate and differentiate to stay competitive. One key way in which they’re doing this is through the delivery of services, experiences and knowledge sharing. As such, they are seeking new technologies and platforms to enable them to promote and deliver those services and manage customers through these new channels – which is exactly why we’ve built our partnership with Salesforce.

We always talk about the two key elements of BookingBug, the customer booking journey and the administration dashboard (you can take a tour of both of those here). We see our integration with Salesforce (BookingBug for Salesforce) as the third pillar – bringing customer, booking, appointment and outcome data directly into the Salesforce CRM.

What is BookingBug for Salesforce?

BookingBug for Salesforce is a full integration between BookingBug’s appointment and event management platform and Salesforce. This means that for the first time Salesforce customers can promote, sell and manage their added value services, education and expertise using BookingBug – and bring an entirely new, previously uncapturable, category of the customer directly into their Salesforce workflow.

This online-to-offline service based element of the omnichannel customer journey – enabled by the booking of an appointment or event – opens up a whole new set of valuable customer touchpoints. It provides new opportunities to learn about the customer, their habits and preferences. It provides new ways to engage, improve loyalty and provide a better multichannel customer experience. It provides new routes to drive footfall, upsell and drive new revenues. And crucially, it creates a mechanism to collect outcome data and enable more targeted marketing.

How does BookingBug for Salesforce work?

This partnership provides a seamless two-way link between these two widely used, naturally complementary customer engagement tools. In practice this means:

  • All bookings took through BookingBug – whether made online, via mobile, face-to-face or through a call centre – are automatically populated directly into the Salesforce workflow.

  • When a new booking is made, leads, contacts and accounts are automatically updated for existing customers and created for new customers.

  • The BookingBug admin dashboard can be used from right within Salesforce, enabling admins and staff to manage services, availability, bookings and customer data.

  • Single sign-on for authentication, authorization and permissions means staff don’t require separate BookingBug/Salesforce accounts or credentials.

  • A dedicated Salesforce1 integration enables users to view, amend and add bookings directly from mobile cards.

  • Salesforce Chatter push notifications update staff when a booking is made or updated

In short, this partnership puts an unprecedentedly powerful customer engagement toolkit into the armoury of retailers, consumer banks, healthcare organisations, universities, governments and other B2C organizations.

Who is it for?

BookingBug has been built from the ground up to meet the diverse requirements of a broad spectrum of businesses. As such, we developed BookingBug for Salesforce to benefit all organisations that sell or offer services, appointments or events to their customers.

We find the businesses this applies to fall into three distinct categories:

  • High volume appointment-based services offered to engage, inform and upsell, such as personal shopping, student admissions, or appointments for government-managed services.

  • High value revenue-driving consultative services such as mortgage appointments, home remodelling consultations or vehicle test drives.

  • Footfall driving appointments or events such as pet care consultations, or expectant parent events designed to enable upsell or engagement-driving touchpoints to build loyal relationships.

Regardless of which of these categories a business falls into, the ultimate benefit remains consistent; an intuitive business tool that enables a best-of-class omnichannel customer experience both online and offline.

Why have we partnered with Salesforce?

The entire team here at BookingBug is very excited about the launch of BookingBug for Salesforce. Since we announced our partnership with Salesforce at the recent Dreamforce event in San Francisco, we’ve seen huge demand from a diverse range of enterprises and have received lots of great feedback.

Over the past 15 years, Salesforce has transformed the way companies view, manage and engage with their customers. It’s well used and well loved by businesses of all shapes and sizes spanning all sectors. The overlap between our customer base and users of Salesforce is vast. As we have grown to work with large enterprises around the world, we hear time and again that they are looking for innovative, joined-up technologies to help them operate more effectively, and to provide more ways to engage – enabling better experiences for their customers. In this respect, Salesforce and BookingBug are natural partners and we are committed to working together to transform the way services are delivered in a multichannel world.

BookingBug for your organization

You can find BookingBug for Salesforce featured in Salesforce’s App Exchange. It is available now to all Salesforce customers subscribed to the Enterprise edition of Salesforce.

If you have any questions about how BookingBug for Salesforce could benefit your organisation, or would like to arrange a demo with one of the team, contact us at and we’d be happy to help.