New BookingBug Basic Set-Up Video Tutorials

BookingBug can be very useful for all types of service businesses, and it’s important that it’s easy and quick to use and set up. That’s why we’ve introduced these two new video tutorials that will talk you through some of the basics of setting up your BookingBug system, and some of the options you can configure and customise.

Remember that this video covers only the basics, so once you have these setup, feel free to explore the wide range of other options that can help make your BookingBug work specifically for your business.

For those that run a service-based business (whether fixed time, variable time, day-based or week-based):

For those that run a courses, classes & events business:

We hope that you find these set-up video tutorials useful! Feel free to drop us some feedback below, or to our email via If you have any other issues setting up, do not hesitate to contact us through the support team email, or visit our Knowledge Base for help articles here.