BookingBug raises $1m to help retailers and government connect online and offline services

  • Scaling to meet rocketing enterprise demand and expand technology lead
  • 2013 included new office, new clients, new hires
  • National clients include Waitrose, Pets at Home, Jessops & local councils

When we launched in 2009, it was clear that booking and buying services online was a far cry from the fast, simple experience of buying goods. In the years since, BookingBug has become the standard for thousands of small and mid-sized service businesses to tackle just that challenge. But at the same time, more and more enterprises, retailers and public sector teams have turned their attention to the same area.

Today, we announce a $1m funding round to meet this growing demand and take the biggest leap so far for our team, our technology and our users. With this funding, BookingBug joins the Deep Group, becoming part of its growing network of high-potential technology businesses.

In this next stage of BookingBug’s journey, Karim Iskandar joins the now 20-strong team as Commercial Director, bringing years of experience growing global B2B brands like LRN, Forrester and OneSource. This is the first in a number of strategic hires for 2014.

On the technology front, the future of BookingBug won’t only be built by us. Soon, a dedicated partner programme will help anyone create their own specialist or highly customised booking system on the foundations of the BookingBug platform. From bedroom web developers with basic knowledge of code, through to the biggest systems integrators working on global IT rollouts, BookingBug will become the go-to protocol for anyone wishing to connect the online and offline worlds.

As small and mid-sized service-based companies continue to embrace the web to manage and grow their business, BookingBug has been a backbone for their business. From personal trainers to driving schools and dentists to mechanics, we’ve worked with these companies to make sure BookingBug will always remain the best and most flexible booking system available.

Regardless of size or sector, there are two types of business in the world: those who currently understand the benefits of offering value-add services and connecting the online and offline worlds – and those who are finding out. This investment will help us meet the huge demand from the former and continue to educate and help the latter.

We already have some huge projects with well-known brands and organisations underway with many more on the horizon, so watch this space. 2014 is going to be a massive year for BookingBug, our technology and our team.