Booking Questions: Make your booking process more efficient

At BookingBug, we understand that each and every one of your customers are unique, and as such, have different requirements. By using Booking Questions, you can prepare for your customer’s booking – tailoring it to the information you receive before they’ve even walked through the door.

Booking Questions can allow you to filter bookings, ensuring you only receive bookings from customers that are suitable for your service. They are also beneficial in helping you prepare for a customer’s appointment, and giving you vital information beforehand that could affect their booking.

Examples of Booking Questions could be:

“When was your last treatment?”
“Will you be needing a parking space?”
“Will you be needing to hire tennis rackets?”

As well as being able to plan better for your customer’s booking, you can also offer a personalised experience for each of your customers. It’s a great way to find out what your customers want from their session, helping you improve customer relationships.

It can also help you to become more time-efficient, by having everything prepared prior to the session, and also prevent potentially having to turn a customer away and wasting a booking space.

You can set-up Booking Questions to be asked for every booking, or you can have them asked just the once and the answers saved against the customer’s profile thereafter. These are called Customer Questions.

Examples of Customer Questions could be:

“What is your shoe size?”
“Do you have any food allergies?”
“Do you have a driving license?”

Booking Questions can also be used to offer your customers any extras during their session. This could be anything from equipment to consultations. These can also be priced if required and added to the booking total.

To learn how to set up Booking Questions and Customer Questions, you can view our video tutorial:


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