Founder & CEO of BookingBug, Glenn leads the 140-strong team across the firm’s offices in London, Boston and Sydney.

Award! Best Web Tool

We’re very pleased to announce we have been presented with’s award for Best Web Tool for our online booking and reservation platform. These accolades are awarded to companies that go the extra mile to provide added value to their users – something that we have always strived to do here at BookingBug.

Thanks team!

“Winning the award for best web tool is not something that many companies or sites can brag about. To receive this award you have to provide extra value to your users. This award is handed out only if we have been convinced that it’s a useful and qualitative tool and resource before we even consider it for an award. If you use sign up for, or use one of these web tools you can rest assured that you will be more than pleased. Congratulations from the team!”