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American Golf Increases Appointment Volume by 30x.


As the UK’s largest golf retailer, American Golf knows a thing or two about brick and mortar. In their 100+ stores, they find success by differentiating themselves through one key factor: creating memorable customer experiences.

You’ve likely seen articles about how retailers far and wide are trying to figure out how to adapt their stores to 2018’s customers. In fact, the research backs up exactly what American Golf is getting right; today’s consumers go to stores for experiences they can’t get online.

Standing out from the pack

When the team at American Golf decided they’d focus on in-store experiences they implemented a few key services. Custom club fittings and free product trials in addition to a true dedication to customer service immediately stood out against competitors. The retailer took it a step farther when they began hosting their own golf tournaments. These were great opportunities for customers to get tailored advice and for American Golf to build stronger relationships with their most engaged customers.


American Golf and BookingBug

After setting up all of these amazing services however, American Golf was faced with a new issue: how to raise awareness of the services.

This is where BookingBug & American Golf really shine together. Their Head of Marketing said “We were doing a lot of in-store fitting appointments but none of them were getting tracked”. Through BookingBug’s appointments & events solutions, American Golf was not only able to track and report on their fittings, but also schedule new appointments & translate site visitors into meaningful foot traffic.


The Outcome

When they launched their first appointments-focused email campaign, American Golf was able to secure 4,000 new appointments. After seeing that success, they doubled-down by giving appointments and events some prime real estate on their website. This led to a whopping 30x increase in scheduled appointments. For their largest golf event of the year, The Golf Show, the team locked in an unprecedented 15,000 bookings.

The improved solution highlighted what American Golf is all about: “the key to this for us is being able to do exactly what the pro shops can do and to become a real alternative to the pro golf shop. So now we can see lessons, you can book tee times and buy golf equipment from us.”

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