7 Ways Your Organization Can Help To Promote Scheduling Software Adoption

Your organization understands the value of scheduling software and has committed resources to implement this software into your systems. Employees have to spend time learning the scheduling software, have embraced it and are sharing with colleagues, friends and customers on the ease and value of the software, but there is one problem.

It’s not enough.

Therefore, your organization needs to get as many customers and prospects as possible to use the software. Communicate the key benefits. Customers need to understand the value that scheduling software provides them before they will commit to using it. Here are a few best practices to promote the availability of scheduling appointments.

1. Promote locally/in-store


We recommend organizations use both physical and digital signage to remind employees and customers that scheduling software is now available. Customers will be motivated to use the scheduling software to avoid standing in line next time.

2. Promote via email

email_marketing_software_customers_availability Promoting scheduling software availability in your marketing emails is crucial. Not just at software launch, but to continuously remind customers and prospects. Be sure to mention its availability on customer welcome emails after a user has created a new account with your organization.

  • We make it easy to book appointments with our team at a convenient time and place.

3. Promote via website


We recommend promoting the availability of the digital appointment software using banners on the homepage and throughout the website.

4. Promote via mobile app


Digital natives are mobile-optimized and will expect to be able to schedule appointments with your mobile app.

5. Promote on social media


Create a selection of content and artwork that can be queued up to run continuously on your social media channels.

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6. Promote while on hold


When customers call in and are placed on hold, do you play music? If so, in between the latest Coldplay and Radiohead songs, add in a little promotion announcing that “instead of waiting on hold, you can now book an appointment to speak with someone at a time of your choosing.”

Promote on receipts


If you are a retailer, announce the availability of scheduling appointments on all of your customers' receipts. Just make sure it doesn't cause the receipt to become longer than a yard or meter.



Here are just a few tips in order to ensure that your customers and prospects are using the scheduling software. Make sure you give your internal teams plenty of advance notice in order to create artwork and content to meet launch dates. Be sure to track progress and increase your organization’s promotion efforts if adoption lags!

For additional guidance on how to guarantee successful scheduling software adoption, please download our white paper, Ensure Success With Your Scheduling Software Adoption.