7 Ways Employees Can Help to Promote Adoption of Scheduling Software

Before you can ensure that customers are using your newly implemented scheduling software, you need to get your employees up to speed and become strong enthusiasts of the software. If employees are not on board, then customers won’t be either. Successful scheduling software adoption depends on people. Do employees know how to use the software? Does the software work with internal processes? Can employees skillfully explain the benefits of the software? Do customers know about the scheduling software? Are customers using the software to book appointments? The answers to these questions give your company an indication about how well the people are adopting the software.

Here are seven ways you can help your employees to start using the software and get them to be promotional ambassadors.

1. Employees need to attend training

It is imperative for employees to participate in scheduling software training. Since the software is client-facing, it is crucial that your employees fully understand its capabilities, while managers understand how to use its reporting features to maximize the workflow benefits.

2. Employees should use and discuss it internally

During the pre-launch of the software, managers can encourage employees to create appointments with each other, so they can better understand the process from the customer perspective. Once the software is launched, managers can provide opportunities for employees to connect with each other informally to discuss best practices using the software.

3. Have a “friends and family” soft launch

Right before the launch, make it possible for employees’ friends and family to access the scheduling software. Then have employees use the opportunity to discuss the benefits and work on their talking points. This provides more practice opportunities with a receptive audience and helps to start to build the “word of mouth” effect.

4.Employees share with customers

With plenty of practice, employees now should be able to confidently share the benefits of scheduling software with customers.

5. Employees’ email signatures

Steal a viral tip from the Hotmail launch and have your employees add a blurb about the scheduling software launch to their email signature. It only takes a second.

6. Employees share on social

Create and share social media content about the scheduling software launch with employees. Recognize employees who get the most engagement with their shares to encourage more sharing.

7. Employees play detective

A few weeks after the launch is a good time for your employees to put on their Sherlock Holmes hat by having them ask the customers a few questions. Have the customers already heard about scheduling software availability? How did they hear about it? How did they like the software? All of this feedback is important to capture in order to ensure software adoption success.


These are just a few recommendations to help ensure a successful software adoption. Your employees might have even better ideas, so after you share these ideas with them, ask them if they have any thoughts. Remember that every employee is vitally important to the success of scheduling software adoption.

Let us know how your software adoption goes, we love to hear feedback. In my next blog post, I will share what your company can do to ensure a successful software adoption. And for additional guidance on how to guarantee successful scheduling software adoption, please download our white paper, Ensure Success With Your Scheduling Software Adoption.