7 Ways BookingBug Improves Staff Efficiency


While you might know that BookingBug makes it easy for your customers to book appointments with your team — saving time and driving revenue, you might not know that with our sophisticated reporting tools, BookingBug also improves staff efficiency, which in turn drives additional benefits for your organization.

Here are seven ways BookingBug improves staff efficiency.

1. Capture customer metadata:

Customers hate to have to repeat themselves and I’m sure you can certainly relate, it’s far too common that when you call your cable company for a technical issue, you’re passed to different departments and every time you must repeat your account details. This is extremely inefficient and does not provide a good customer experience. It is extremely important to connect your CRM to BookingBug to capture pertinent customer details and preferences. Connecting your systems and empowering staff with information gathered from all channels, will result in proper customer greetings and productive meetings, customers will be happy and your team will be more efficient.

2. Less staff downtime:

Knowing when your team is scheduled for appointments minimizes the amount of time your staff is not engaging with customers.

3. Fewer missed appointments:

With appointment reminder emails and SMS alerts, customers will be more likely show up to scheduled appointments, resulting in more sales opportunities and less employee time wasted.

4. Smoothing out traffic:

Organizations like retail shops that get concentrated customer visits at certain times can use appointment bookings to spread the traffic out. Offering appointments during downtimes can increase incremental revenue since team members can fully devote time to the customer. Not offering appointments during the busy times can reduce the chance that your team will be further burdened. For example, if a retail shop knows Monday and Tuesday evenings are the quietest, the shop could offer appointment scheduling to drive footfall. If the shop knows Saturday and Sunday are usually busy, they can choose not to offer appointments during this time to ensure staff is able to assist walk-in customers.

5. Identify star performers:

By allowing customers to choose who they would like to schedule an appointment with, managers can see who the most desirable staff members are.

6. Identify remedial performers:

Reporting can identify which team members are being underutilized, which can trigger additional training or redeployment into another role.

7. Staff is not overloaded:

Our reporting can track which team members have been booked most often, allowing managers to scale back on future bookings for that team member in order to prevent burnout. Our customer, Cisco, currently uses our solution to schedule internal IT appointments and uses the reporting to see who is being overbooked (and who is being underbooked).


These are just a few of the benefits that our customers have realized while working with us. Hopefully, your organization will profit too with these and other advantages from online booking. We believe our software can deliver tremendous benefits for staff efficiency and for employee satisfaction. Being able to understand, better predict, and more easily accommodate location visits results in happier and less stressed employees. And happier employees results in satisfied customers and increased revenue.