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5 Talks at Shoptalk Europe Worth Skipping Lunch For

Hej Shoptalkers,

We’re getting ourselves ready for the first ever Shoptalk Europe hosted in Copenhagen and hope you’re as excited as we are. Shoptalk launched in 2015 in the US and had immediate success with a diverse and senior-level attendees. Here’s a snapshot of the attendees at this year’s Shoptalk Europe:


Just 6 days from the time of this publication, we’ll all be amongst 2,000 of the best and brightest in retail & ecommerce innovation. The agenda is absolutely packed with speakers from global brands like Ikea, Alibaba, Harrods, and ebay to name a few. We sifted through the bunch and highlighted 5 of the talks we’re most excited about.

Now, none of these talks will actually have you missing out on your Smørrebrød, but we think if you had to, you might just consider it.



A new category of venture-backed brands is disrupting the retail value chain. These brands are focused on a single product category and deliver new consumer value propositions by controlling everything from manufacturing to sales and distribution themselves. They enable consumers to buy high-quality products at better prices, often in sectors served by a limited number of large-scale organizations. In this session, we'll hear from leading startups creating new direct-to-consumer brands that avoid some of the traditional retail inefficiencies.



Innovative retailers are creating new physical environments that enable consumers to experience their products in a more immersive and useful way. Some are creating experiences where customers can interact with their products in settings that mimic real life before buying them. In this session, leading retailers will discuss how they are creating engaging physical experiences to increase sales, decrease returns and gain a better understanding of how customers engage with their products.



Creating and sustaining a deep emotional connection between a brand and a consumer isn't easy, but those brands that do build their own community gain tremendously from the relationship. In this session, we'll hear from brands that have successfully built a loyal following by (1) identifying the shared values among a core group of customers, (2) relentlessly pursuing community as a core business strategy and (3) fostering exclusivity among members and rewarding engagement in novel ways.



Retailers are embracing mobile in a variety of ways, from launching mobile apps and exploring deep linking to streamlining checkout and more. In addition, retailers are targeting shoppers on their mobile devices and using technologies like geofencing to reach consumers who are near their stores. In this session, retail leaders will discuss innovative strategies that drive consumers to engage and buy on mobile.



A wide variety of groundbreaking technologies are providing retailers with insights into all aspects of store operations as well as consumer browsing and buying in physical stores. Retailers now have access to consumer shopping data from many sources, ranging from beacons to video monitors and satellites. In this session, we'll hear from companies at the forefront of store analytics, insights and innovation as they discuss how they're using data to shape the next generation of retail stores.

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