Five great cloud tools for service businesses

the-cloudCloud technology is becoming more popular as it helps businesses to reduce costs and optimize resources, without having to commit to long term contracts. There are many cloud tools available to businesses that have been created to solve a range of business problems, such as storage management and remote access to shared documents. Here are our top five cloud tools available for service businesses:

1. Google Apps for business include a range of services to fulfil almost every business need. Products such as Gmail, Calendar and Drive will allow you to carry out business tasks on the go and share the results with others. For example, Google Drive allows businesses to share documents between multiple employees and track when last changes were made and by whom. This is useful for service businesses who have multiple staff working in various locations, such as driving instructors and other trade services.

2. Dropbox allows users to upload any type of file which can then be accessed anywhere, anytime by other specified users. This dramatically helps businesses with storage issues. Service businesses such as photographers can use this tool to store all their photos, create albums and share those albums with their clients and other employees.

3. Xero is the perfect accounting tool for those who don’t regard finance as one of their strong points. Service businesses can create financial reports and customer invoices whilst making the most out of the company’s online support. Businesses can also track their inventory to ensure they keep up with demand and provide excellent customer service.

4. Evernote is a great tool for the managing of projects, such as a business launching a new service or product. The tool allows users to share data and ideas in one place in order to take the project from concept to launch. Businesses and individuals can also use Evernote to streamline their internal and external communications.

*5. MailChimp *is the perfect cloud tool for creating email marketing campaigns like newsletters exactly how users want them. Users can also monitor how successful their campaigns are by checking such things as average open rate, and clicks. Another great thing is users can easily import all your customers contact details into MailChimp and schedule times for when they want their campaign to go live. Service businesses can make use of this when notifying customers about promotions of either old or new services.

*6. Bonus - BookingBug *is a tool that easily allows sole traders up to enterprise companies to take and manage bookings and payments directly from your website. The great thing about this tool is that the system is scalable and can work for all types of businesses, to make them more efficient.

So there you have six great cloud tools, but obviously there is a range of others that you may use or find. If you do, please feel free to share them with the BookingBug community, including some points on what you like about them.