Announcing Our 2014 Retail Services Innovation Report

In a world of online shopping and same-day deliveries, customers have become increasingly inclined to shop online. So as retailers explore new ways to reinvigorate and monetise their in store operations, we conducted the first detailed study on how the UK’s top 20 retailers are using in-store services, experiences and expertise to offer something Amazon cannot.

Booking Bug Retail Report

Assessing each retailer’s approach to offering, marketing and delivering in-store services, this report provides insights including:

  • How pharmacies are leading the way in service delivery
  • The missed opportunity for fashion retail
  • The challenge of “ghost services”
  • Recognising idle expertise
  • Using services to benefit from “showrooming”

Glenn Shoosmith, CEO and founder of BookingBug sums up his hopes for the project: “We hope, by returning to and repeating this study in years to come, we can map the evolution of this trend and highlight the best examples for others to learn from. These reports can become not only observational but instructional, providing commentary on best practice and case studies, and accelerate the progress for all.”

You can download the full report for free here to keep your business updated with the latest trends in retail, or to contact our retail specialist team email us at