The 10 Best Things You Can Do With BookingBug

BookingBug is an online booking system that enables businesses of all sizes to schedule appointments and take payments directly from their website. By using these 10 features, you can transform your BookingBug account into a more powerful tool that enables you to manage your business more effectively and efficiently.

1. Send email campaigns using MailChimp

BookingBug accounts give you the option to integrate with MailChimp, a dynamic and cost effective tool for creating customised newsletters and email campaigns. The integration is simple and quick to set up and enables you to import your customer database into your MailChimp account in order to send customised campaigns.This is extraordinarily useful for encouraging retention, rewarding loyalty and building strong customer relationships.

To integrate your BookingBug account with MailChimp, click here!

2. Receive live booking updates

With BookingBug, you can receive automatic live booking updates within your calendar. By ensuring you never miss a booking, your business can be run to its maximum efficiency. Don’t worry about turning this feature on or setting it up; its default within the account – just enjoy!

3. Take online payments with numerous providers

BookingBug integrates with numerous payment providers including PayPal, SagePay and Google Wallet, enabling you to take payments and deposits from your website with the provider that works best for you. Taking online payments and deposits at the time of booking can help you to reduce irritating no-shows and cancellations.

Here’s more information on how to setup your account to take online payments, and a full list of payment providers  that we support.

4. Export customer data

You can easily and quickly export your customer data from your BookingBug account for further business analysis. You can identify trends such as specific times of day that customers are making bookings and subsequently tailor rewards and offers to suit them. For example, if you own a fitness studio, you may notice that certain customers always book appointments around holiday periods, so you may want to send them a special offer to encourage them to book for other times as well.

Here are step by step instructions on how to export your customer data.

5. Send automated reminder and follow-up emails

Automated reminders and follow-up emails are perfect both for reminding customers of their bookings and for thanking them after their appointments. The emails are customisable to say whatever you want. You can tell customers information about what they need to bring or do before their appointment in the reminder emails, and you can use the follow-up emails to thank them and request feedback while also encouraging return visits.

Start sending automated reminder and follow-up emails with these easy steps!

6. Integrate with Zoho reports

As well as exporting your customer data, you can also export a number of reports into Zoho Reports to further analyse your data and create more detailed and advanced reports that will help inform your business strategy.

Here’s how to integrate your BookingBug account with Zoho Reports.

7. Create your own BookingBug web page

While we encourage our customers to have an independent website and a strong online presence, with BookingBug it’s not fully necessary, as we can provide you with your own webpage which you can customise and embed your widget into. This is a perfect solution for those small businesses who feel a bit daunted by creating and maintaining a full website.

To get your own BookingBug page click here!

8. Run promotions

Promotional deals and offers are a great way to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Within your BookingBug account, you can offer coupons, daily deals and many more. These are straightforward to setup and provide your customers with a little something extra, making their customer experience that much more enjoyable.

9. Schedule automatic email reports

Within your BookingBug account, you can schedule email reports that automatically send you all your bookings on a daily or weekly basis. This feature is immensely useful for planning your day or week and knowing exactly what appointments have occurred and which are upcoming.

Learn how to schedule your email reports here!

10. Use social media to promote your bookings

Your BookingBug widget can easily be embedded onto your Facebook business page, allowing customers to make a booking there rather than on your website. Not only does this feature encourage booking from social interactions, but it also helps spread the word about your brand!

You can even enable your customers to share their bookings on social media, helping promote your business to a wider audience. Follow these instructions to set it up, and tell your customers to get sharing!

So there you have it – 10 great things you can do with BookingBug other than just taking bookings! Don’t forget to check out our Knowledge Base to find loads of other features you can set up.