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BookingBug’s powerful customer scheduling platform helps organizations simplify their complex, high-volume scheduling experiences.



Appointments create profitable engagements

BookingBug is proven to create profitable customer engagements, while maximizing staff and resource utilization. It’s the only platform trusted by banks, retailers and governments to manage their most important customer engagement journeys. Large organizations need customer experiences to be secure, data-driven and integrated with internal systems. BookingBug’s comprehensive capabilities match these demanding requirements perfectly.





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Complex scheduling, elegantly simple 


BookingBug helps Enterprise organizations build large and complicated scheduling solutions that map against internal processes. Conditional journeys offer a comprehensive set of configurable options in the back-end, while presenting beautifully simple scheduling experiences for front-end users.

Create profitable customer engagements


The value clients gain from BookingBug is traceable, proven and reportable. Use the embedded CRM or connect to a third party CRM to prove the value of appointment bookings and customer lifetime value. Customers commit higher spend to appointment-driven engagements with higher conversions compared to walk-ins.

Appointment Booking Software
BookingBug's Appointment Dashboard
Maximize staff efficiency


Better use of quiet times helps smooth out capacity and create more effective employee utilization. When combined with satisfaction scores, BookingBug data can help identify areas for improvement and training.

A Reputation Built on Experience


BookingBug is trusted by the world’s leading names in banking, retail and government to handle their most important client engagements. We’re multiple award winners for our innovative customer deployments. We have customers around the world, with multinational booking journeys and a multinational sales and support team to match. Clients are comprehensively supported with a best in class global service program that runs every hour of every day.

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Booking System Intergrations
Advanced integrations enabling data-driven decisions


BookingBug’s open API framework enables organizations to connect their existing CRMs, email clients, calendars, Point of Sale systems, business intelligence systems, workforce management systems, mobile apps, payment gateways and pretty much anything to their BookingBug appointments and events data. This deep integration allows the cross-pollination of data to provide a truly holistic view of the customer.

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