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We help organizations catalyze digital-physical customer journeys, enabling organizations to orchestrate powerful human-to-human experiences that increase revenue, customer loyalty, and CLV 


Named by Deloitte as one of the world’s fastest growing technology companies, BookingBug provides powerful customer journey management solutions that offer a true 360-degree view of a brands customer journey to empower better understanding of customer behavior that can inform and determine the next best offer that drives recurring purchases, retention and loyalty. BookingBug configures seamless digital-physical workflows that eliminates silos across lines of business, channels and services, and helps enterprise brands supercharge every touchpoint to make every moment matter.


Trusted by hundreds of banks, retailers and governments like LEGO, Adidas, Oriental Bank and the UK Government, BookingBug easily and securely integrates with existing applications and infrastructure to capture data and insights that fuel better, highly personalized experiences.


BookingBug not only helps create high-impact milestones for customers, but empowers enterprise brands with predictive forecasting for traffic patterns and staffing needs resulting in maximum operational efficiency. Executives that choose BookingBug will now be able to make data-informed decisions based on customer volume/insights and take a regional approach to staffing for greater utilization that will result in a competitive advantage.




An unrivalled track record


BookingBug was founded in 2008 with a single vision: to become the de facto global platform for seamlessly enabling all bookings, for all organizations, across all channels. Today, thousands of small, medium and large businesses across the world are using BookingBug to manage around 12 million customer engagements every year. We are proud to be partnered with the world’s biggest technology firms including Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft. We also work with many implementation partners, ranging from boutique digital agencies to multinational system integrators. The depth of the team’s project implementation experience means that BookingBug’s most glowing testimony is often centered on our ability to advise based on other client experiences. The benefit of this rich legacy of highly relevant experience is offered as part of every client discovery process. It’s not just about the technology - it’s how our solutions can really benefit your organization and your customers.





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Globally capable

BookingBug is a truly global organization. Our 100-strong team spans our three full-service offices in Boston, London and Sydney. This approach enables us to provide 24/7 follow-the-sun customer support to all clients. We can also offer specialist in-market domain expertise spanning every stage of the customer journey - from pre-sales discovery to ongoing customer success management.

Absolutely Trusted

Being a trusted partner is an integral reason our customers continue to do business with us. The success of such partnerships is dependent on honesty, respect and good communications - all values our entire company takes extremely seriously.

Customer Success

Customer Success isn’t just a department at BookingBug. It is a core company ethos, spanning all regions, but customer success is in the hands of every member of the company. So whether it’s the Salesperson who discusses a possible project, the Finance team who send the invoice or the developer who writes your code, we all know that the quality of our work has a direct correlation to ensuring customer delight.


Security is another core pillar of BookingBug. We are ISO 27001 certified and with our heritage in the financial services and government industries, data security is at the heart of everything we do. All staff are fully trained to be compliant with our own stringent data security protocols and our policy is rigidly adhered to with the help of our Information Security department. As part of ISO 27001 we have to review and audit all documentation on an annual basis to ensure relevancy to how we evolve as a business.

BookingBug awards


We’ve collected a great range of industry awards over the years. These are typically for the results of our customer deployments, but increasingly BookingBug is also being recognized for its rapid growth and scale of the business. See our awards page


See our awards page 

Partnerships and integrations


BookingBug is a complex platform that requires a great deal of development and testing to ensure success. While many projects are handled by our own Engineering teams in Boston, London and Sydney, we also regularly work with a range of implementation and technology partners. Flexibility is key when working across multiple teams. We’re continually working with many web agencies, in-house development teams, third party system integrators and other development resources to build out a wide array of customer implementations. Each enterprise we work with is unique and we take great pride in our ability to work within just about any project framework.

Partnerships and integrations
The platform
The platform


The BookingBug platform has been evolving for nearly a decade. It is constantly updated as new features, workflows and functionality are added in customer deployments. We’re biased, but we regard it as the most advanced booking platform in the world. The platform is distributed in a number of ways, through public and private cloud deployments.

Experienced leadership


Led by Glenn Shoosmith, BookingBug’s founder and CEO, the organization’s global executive leadership team brings diverse multi-sector experience, in-market insight and a robust track record in effectively leading and scaling highly successful fast growth technology businesses. We’ve also ensured that our leadership team isn’t only in our London HQ: we have senior staff in each of our global offices on a permanent basis.

Glenn Shoosmith

Founder & CEO


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Karim Iskandar

EVP Global Sales



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Chief Customer Officer



Joel Sturmfels

Head of Technology



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Head of Product



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Head of Engineering



Jonathon Coleman

Head of Asia-Pacific



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