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The online-to-offline challenge for retail

Consumer retail habits are evolving fast. Up to 90% of consumers now say that the internet influences their purchasing decisions, and a massive 88% of shoppers report that they no longer see value in the in-store retail proposition.

But in-store value remains key. Around 90% of retail sales still come from bricks-and-mortar stores. It is also well acknowledged it is easier for retailers to sell, upsell and build lasting loyalty with consumers who are already in store, with figures showing it can be up to 20 times easier for retailers to convert a sale in-store, than online.

There is clearly a problem here – and an opportunity.

The omnichannel solution

Restore the value of the in-store retail proposition. In order to restore the value of offline retail and become truly multi-channel, retailers must capitalise on their online channels to promote and drive uptake of in-store services that cannot be delivered online.

Give customers a reason to come in store. By offering services, education and expertise alongside products in store brands can dramatically increase footfall, improve the in-store customer experience and generate increased revenue.

BookingBug enables retailers to seamlessly manage online, mobile, in-store and contact centre booking for in-store services, education and events. We are the market leaders in helping retail organisations use their online presence to promote and monetise their value-add in-store services.

Multi-channel bookings

Become truly omnichannel with BookingBug for Retail

BookingBug is the ideal solution for banks and financial organisations looking to manage appointments and scheduning for:

  • Unlock new revenue streams
  • Increase in-store footfall
  • Maximise upsell opportunities
  • Increase loyalty and customer lifetime value
  • Improve online and offline customer service
  • Improve in-store efficiency
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve engagement
  • Improve customer data and profiling

BookingBug for Retail in action

BookingBug is the ideal platform for omnichannel management of:

  • Value add in-store appointments
  • In-store pre-sales consultations
  • Customer service appointments
  • In-store courses, classes or events
  • Click & collect purchases
  • Equipment servicing appointments
  • Internal resource scheduling
  • And more…
Multi-channel bookings

The Case For Online-To-Offline Retail

As market leaders in helping retailers to use their web presence to increase footfall and engagement in store by identifying, promoting and selling value-added in-store services, BookingBug has accumulated a deep knowledge on the true value of online-to-offline selling.

In this first report we have distilled down our experience working with a broad range of large retail brands in devising and implementing their online-to-offline strategies. Simply enter your details below to receive your free copy of the report.

Implementing Online-To-Offline Retail

In follow-up to The Business Case For An Online-To-Offline Retail Strategy, this second whitepaper in our series drills down into the suggested processes and tactics employed by retailers to ensure their online-to-offline implementation is smooth, effective and viewed as an organization-wide success.

In this report we examine the online-offline implementation journey – from goal setting, planning, communication, roll-out, marketing and branding, to running a pilot and campaign evaluation.

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