BookingBug for Classifieds and Directories
BookingBug is the only real-time online booking,
enquiry and lead management tool built from the ground
up for classified directories, listing sites and online marketplaces.


BookingBug for Directory Sites

BookingBug has been built to enable businesses to display their live availability and take bookings in multiple locations across the internet. A business can take bookings from their own website, their Facebook page and from multiple directory listing sites with customisable widgets and simple integration. Your directory or listing site can display rich, real-time availability information and earn affiliate revenue for each booking or enquiry made.

Simple and Custom Integrations

BookingBug is quick and easy to integrate into any business directory, and our customisable widgets are designed to fit seamlessly into a profile or listing page on your site.

BookingBug integrates into a broad range of specialist directory platforms and social networks, however if you have not yet built your directory we can give you a clear and simple guide to that integration process.

Custom Search Tools

One of BookingBug's most powerful features is our custom search plugin, powering live availability and location search. This feature sits at the heart of directories, and is especially key for vertical directories that work with large numbers of similar businesses. The custom search tool can be embedded, skinned and integrated into your site enabling customers to search for availability by service, date, time, location, travel distance, or any other custom criteria you require.

The results can be shown in a list, or in a custom Google map on your website with live embedded booking and custom Google map pins. All of this can seamlessly deep-link into your profile pages from the search results so that the user is never aware they are using an external tool.

Custom Widgets and Booking Pages

Partner directories and sites can opt to skin their own embedded BookingBug widgets, but why not go even further than that? We can completely customise every step of the booking journey, building custom pages that fit with your brand, work-flows and customer experience.

Alternatively, for directories and listing sites benefitting from BookingBug's distribution network, we also enable co-branded solutions. We ensure a clean user interface that is simple to navigate for your users. These co-branding options allow key elements of your own branding whilst still ensuring that the user is aware that the system is powered by BookingBug's leading scheduling technology.

Earn Affiliate Revenue Through Bookings and Qualified Leads

BookingBug's affiliate program lets partner directories earn revenue in a number of ways. You can earn revenue for taking bookings from your own site, charging on a CPM, CPC, or CPA basis, charging a fixed per booking fee, or even a percentage of the price of each service. BookingBug will calculate, bill, and track all exchanges for you and distribute payments accordingly.

Single Sign On

To provide a seamless customer experience BookingBug offers a single-sign-on API to enable users to transition between an existing website, and booking through BookingBug, without having to sign up for any new accounts.

This single-sign-on works on a per business basis so that if a business is already logged into your own site they will be automatically logged in to BookingBug. This can be integrated quickly into platforms such as Drupal, Wordpress, SocialGO and more – or custom-built using our API to integrate into any web platform.

Single sign-on also works on a per customer basis, so if your existing users are logged in to your user platform you can let them make bookings securely without needing to re-enter any of their details. This also allows you to limit bookings to members if required.

Why shouldn’t I just write my own booking system?

Writing a booking system is a long, complex and expensive process. Believe us, we know. We've spent several years building BookingBug to be simple, yet powerful, and suited for a wide range of businesses. Our advanced features range from calendar integration to complex payment options, and we are adding new features on a on-going basis.

We can offer a wide variety of customizations and revenue shares for sites that have large numbers of customers. We can white label and custom embed much of BookingBug ensuring a seamless experience for your users. You can still generate great revenue at a fraction of the time, effort or cost of writing or running your own system. Our speciality is building booking systems, so before you consider writing your own, come and talk to us about how we can help instead.