Web Developers and Design Agencies
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Web developers and design agencies

BookingBug’s endlessly flexible booking platform is perfect for your client. Our developer access makes it easy to create BookingBug accounts, manage multiple clients, maintain logins and monitor your affiliate revenue.

You can test BookingBug for free for as long as you need before your client’s site goes live. The flexibility of BookingBug means that it is suitable for a wide range of different business types allowing you to provide a bespoke system to every client.

Our widgets are designed to be easily embedded in any website with plugins for WordPress, Drupal and other platforms with CSS editing of all booking pages to fully match any site you can put your stamp on each client.

We also have a great range of options if you are building or consulting on a directory listing site.

And finally, you can earn good money for referrals through our affiliate program!

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Official BookingBug resellers

If you are a website reseller, referral site, website building toolkit, or a domain registrar that offers web hosting with cPanel or similar tools then BookingBug is the perfect addition for your clients.

Earn affiliate revenue for every business that signs up to BookingBug.

You probably already have an e-commerce option, but you're missing out on nearly 50% of all businesses that offer services instead of goods.

By becoming an official BookingBug reseller and adding our complete and integrated booking system, you can add value to your platform and make sure your users stay with you.

Earn Revenue

At BookingBug we want to reward you for your hard work in bringing us new clients.

For every business that you bring to BookingBug, you will receive 20% of their first year's subscription.

This could be as much as £120 per client!

For directories or social networks containing multiple businesses you can earn revenue on a CPM, CPC, CPA, fixed or % booking fee. For more information, see our dedicated directory site section.