Frequently Asked Questions

Guides, tips and tricks to get the most out of your new booking and reservation system

Setting up BookingBug 

Can I use BookingBug for my business?

BookingBug is designed to suit a very wide range of service businesses. Anything time based, whether it's classes, courses, events, hour/minute services, day or week bookings can be managed with BookingBug. You can just manage simple enquiries if you want, or you can use all of its capabilities to take complicated bookings and payments in a way that suits your business. If you have specific questions about your business, please contact us.

How do I get started using BookingBug?

Signing up for a BookingBug account is a short and simple process. An easy wizard will lead you through some basic questions about your business and how you wish to manage your time. Once you're done, you can start using BookingBug immediately to take bookings and enquiries for your services.

I read on another site that I can embed BookingBug in their site.

That's right, we have an increasing number of excellent partners where you can embed and take bookings for your services. Once you sign up, you will be given choices about where you wish to show your BookingBug widget.

I set up an account but can no longer log in!

BookingBug will send you an email confirmation to check that your email address is correct and belongs to you. You must follow the instructions on this email. If you had possibly mistyped your original email, contact us and let us know and we'll help you out.

How can BookingBug be suitable for so many different businesses?

BookingBug is an immensely powerful booking system, but it's also smart. Our simple wizard lets you configure how your business is run, and then creates an interface unique to your business type. The result is that smaller simpler businesses aren't burdened by unnecessary options, and larger, more complex businesses can have access to all of the capabilities and options they need. If your business changes or expands, there's no need to change to any other system: BookingBug can expand with you, allowing you to turn on more advanced options as you need them.

Questions about Embedding 

What do you mean by 'embedding' and 'widget'?

BookingBug is designed to help your business find new customers. And for that you want to get information about your business in front of where your customers might be looking on the internet. BookingBug does this by working with other websites to show live information about your business and its services within their sites. This process of placing live, dynamic information about your business and its services is called 'embedding', and the bit of data we embed is called a 'widget'. This widget might take form as your calendar or a list of events, whatever you design it to be.

Can I add booking to my own website?

Yes, of course you can! Unlike some other booking systems, we don't rely on 'Book Now' buttons that take your customer away from your site. With BookingBug you can place a booking widget directly into your own website, where you can customise the size and colour to suit your site, meaning your customer never leaves your site. Adding it is a simple one line script for most websites, but we also partner with website builders to make this an even easier process. We also have standard widgets for services such as WidgetBox and Google Gadgets, which can be added to many sites quickly and easily.

Can I add a booking system to my social network page?

Maybe you connect to your customers on Facebook? We offer direct embedding links into popular social networks with more being added all the time.

Where else can I embed my BookingBug widget?

This list of sites with whom we partner to add your BookingBug widget is increasing all the time, and will vary according to the type of service your offer. Is there a site where you currently list your business info, but you'd really like to get them to also add your live booking widget? Contact us and let us know, we'd be happy to talk to them about adding it. We're all about helping you get your services in front of your customers!

Does it cost to add my widget into other sites?

The short answer is that it might. Some sites will want to take a small percentage of the booking price for any bookings they bring to your business, or a fixed fee per enquiry, or perhaps a per-monthly fee for embedding your booking widget in their site. Others, of course, may offer embedding for free. Often advertising comes at a cost, but the benefit for you is increased exposure and convenience for your customers. The benefit for them is a bit of revenue. But don't worry, if any site has a cost associated it will be clearly explained and you'll be able to opt out or cancel at any time.

Pricing Plans 

How do your pricing plans work?

BookingBug is priced according to your business size. We want to make sure we have a system that is affordable to even the smallest business, but offers the power and flexibility required by even the largest and most complicated service business. It's very important to us that every business feels they are getting great value for money by using BookingBug.

Payment and Cancellation

When you sign up to one of our subscription services, you'll be charged a simple monthly rate. You can cancel this at any time you wish without penalty, but we would ask nicely that if you do wish to cancel, you contact us and let us know why and if there's anything we could do to help!

Why does the amount I'm charged vary?

BookingBug works in such a way that you only pay for what you use - rather than pre-charge you for services you might not need. This means the price per month might vary based on usage, such as if you sent many text messages to customers for example.

All about Services, Resources, Staff, Events, Classes and Courses 

What are Services?

Services are what your customers are booking or enquiring about. Whether the service is mowing the lawn, teaching French, or hiring a tennis court or a bed for the night, there is always some kind of service you are providing for your customers.

What are Resources?

Resources are physical things. This could be a room, a court, a car, a bike. BookingBug lets you manage these in whatever way you need. You can manage them singularly, or a large number in a single setup. If these don't apply to your business, don't worry about them. Really, forget about them. Once you've been through the wizard and set up your business as you run it, you'll never hear about them again!

What are Staff?

Hopefully this one is self explantory! BookingBug allows you to manage the availability of your staff, track when you or your staff are busy, and manage which services they specifically offer. However, if your business is just about resources, don't worry about it, you'll never hear about it again!

What are Events?

Events are one-off activities, usually for a number of people. It could be a concert, a talk, a presentation, or entertainment of any kind. BookingBug can manage complex tickets types, with PDF tickets, bar codes, and anything your business needs to manage its events. BookingBug provides a powerful widget to place in your website or any other website. Events can be stand-alone or repeated.

What are Classes and Courses?

Classes and Courses refer to anything that happens generally over more than one day (although you could have a single day class), and generally for multiple customers. This could be every day for a week, or once a week for a number of weeks, or any number of other options. Whether your business runs cookery classes, French lessons or is a dance studio, BookingBug can help you to manage your bookings online.

Taking payment for your services 

Does BookingBug allow me to take payment online?

Yes, absolutely. However, currently you must have an account with one of the following: Paypal, Google Checkout, Sagepay or Paypal Payflow, in order to take online payments. If you wish to use another system that we do not currently support, please contact us and let us know. We'll be happy to see how we can help.

What kind of payments can I take?

BookingBug is very flexible; it allows you to take a straightforward immediate payment for your services, or something more complex. You can take partial payments, such as deposits, with the rest paid later online, or due in person or via some other method. BookingBug can also handle pre-payment and block bookings. Finally, with merchant accounts such as SagePay and Paypal Payflow, BookingBug allows delayed payments- those that are authorized but not captured until a minimum cancel day is passed, and also allows full and partial refunds to be given directly through BookingBug.

How much does BookingBug charge for this?

BookingBug currently makes no charge for allowing online payments, only the merchant account or card provider fees apply

What appears on my customer's credit card if they pay online?

Your customer's credit card will have an entry for Paypal (or whichever payment provider you used) with your Paypal account name attached.