• Manage daily deals and vouchers with BookingBug

    Save time and money by managing your daily deals with BookingBug from providers such as Groupon, LivingSocial and more. Our daily deal functionality works for any kind of business and allows merchants to run different deal types, take bookings online, sync an existing calendar and import customer lists. Plan ahead and gather customer information for future re- marketing, track redemption rates and limit the amount of deal redemptions per day. Get your business back on track and give your customers a smooth redemption experience that ensures they come back, time and again.

Join the race! 

The Daily Deals industry is growing, fast. As a result, many small service businesses are beginning to engage online for the first time. Daily deals produce large volumes that would be impossible to manage without booking technology. With BookingBug, merchants can manage and run daily deals more easily, and more effectively.

Why BookingBug ? 

• Manage daily deals from providers such as Groupon, Living Social and more
• Flexible to suit any business
• Manage multiple services
• Improve customer experience making them more likely to purchase additional deals in the future

With BookingBug’s daily deal functionality merchants can: • Store customer information for future direct re-marketing
• Ease the administrative burden by taking bookings online and validating voucher codes
• Generate ‘overage’ by allowing the purchase of add-ons or upgrades during the booking
• Run multiple deals across different providers simultaneously
• Run different deal types – 1 part codes, 2 part codes etc.
• Allow the redemption of multiple vouchers in one booking
• Apply a deal to a series of bookings, such as 6 sessions
• Monitor and analyse deals to determine most effective types and providers to use in the future

Smooth Customer Experience 

Improve your customers’ redemption experience • Limit the number of deals that can be redeemed each day, keeping regular customers happy and welcoming new ones. The customer is more likely to revisit both the merchant, and the deal site due to their smooth redemption process, facilitated by BookingBug.
• Validate voucher codes for customers
• Multiple redemption - Our deals feature allows a customer to redeem multiple vouchers within the same booking

Flexible to suit any business type 

Suitable for all business types, our daily deal functionality works for businesses that provide services on an hourly, daily or weekly, as well as for those that run courses or events.