Your business doesn’t require a physical space, but are you maximising its ‘online space’?

Whether you’re on the move or based online, give your business a home on the web!

Many companies have a physical space for customers to step into, allowing them to get an all-round feel for the business almost instantly. This impression is crucial, and will set the tone of the customer’s buying decisions thereafter. So naturally, companies strive to make this space welcoming and of a high quality. But what about companies that don’t have that luxury, or it’s just not in the nature of the business to have a physical ‘base’? How can one of these businesses give a great first impression, without the help of a setting?

24 Hours To Hack For Hackney Council

Hackney Council has invited participants from across the Borough to join 24 hours of designing, building and collaboration to try and find new ways to solve some of the biggest challenges the council faces today. From improving council processes, to discovering new ways of using data, improving the overall design and usability of the council’s website – or any other hacks that could help the council deliver better, more efficient and accessible services or contribute to life in Hackney borough.

Widget Wednesday: Vampire Stalkers

Calling all Vampire Diaries fans! Book a guided tour of the Vampire Diaries set through BookingBug!

At BookingBug, we cater for all sorts of companies no matter what they do, and Mystic Falls Tours (Vampire Stalkers) is no exception! Offering customers the chance to ‘stalk’ the film set of Vampire Diaries, Vampire Stalkers is definitely not your average run-of-the-mill company! As well as offering tours, Vampire Stalkers also offer merchandise for fans, such as replica jewellery, coffee mugs and t-shirts. Fans can also book a tour for The Originals set, where there’s a chance they’ll be able to watch some filming of the series!

Your Twitter Checklist

Great tips from the #TwitterAllAccess event about how you should be tweeting

Yesterday, we got to attend the #TwitterAllAccess event at the Twitter UK HQ, right here in London. We are still reeling about the event, especially as our blog was showcased for its great integration of our Twitter feed. So as well as being spotlighted, nibbling on tasters and networking with other start-ups, we learnt some great tips that are just far too good to keep to ourselves. So we decided to compile a Twitter checklist, and highlight some of the key points from the event that you can apply to your Twitter campaign – straight from the horse’s mouth.

Widget Wednesday: BoXinBox

Book a rehearsal studio through BookingBug!

This week’s Widget Wednesday is BoXinBox! Based in Madrid, BoXinBox offers various recording and rehearsal studios to rent. Each studio is equipped for different music styles and rehearsal purposes, and through the BookingBug widget, customers are able to book the studio that is best suited to their needs.

3 simple beginner’s tips for promoting events

An introduction to event promotion

Events are a great way to offer your customers a memorable experience, as well as enhancing your business’ presence and reputation. Whether you’re in the music, sport, or photography industry, events yield great results, drawing in new customers and boosting loyalty from your existing ones. But what if you’re new to the game? There’s a lot to consider, and it often feels like you only have one chance to do it right. So with that in mind, here are three simple beginner’s tips to really get your event off the ground.

BookingBug partners with GoCardless

Take recurring customer payments and direct debits through BookingBug

We’re excited to announce that BookingBug now integrates seamlessly with GoCardless, making it easier than ever to take direct debit or recurring customer payments through BookingBug.

GoCardless is a great tool for businesses of all sizes that take repeat payments. From gyms to driving instructors – and everything in between – it’s simple to set up, configure and use and you can be up and running in just a few clicks.

Widget Wednesday: Frenchholiday

Book your peaceful getaway in Loire Valley, France with BookingBug!

This week’s Widget Wednesday is… Frenchholiday! Based in the quiet and tranquil Loire Valley in France, Jean and Mike Brookes offer three stunning holiday cottages to rent, perfect for a peaceful getaway. The three cottages are more than just a place to stay, as they offer occupants a cosy and quiet haven with lots of local attractions for both couples and families.

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