Guest blog post: How to let your accounting software help run your business

By Alex Bell, Marketing Communications Copywriter at KashFlow


This is our first guest post by Alex Bell, Marketing Communications Copywriter at one of our partner companies, KashFlow. KashFlow is an online accounting software for all businesses, regardless of your accounting and bookkeeping knowledge. Alex is going to be discussing the benefits of using an accounting system as an aid to running your business.     Starting and running a business is an exciting and stressful journey, that often comes with a steep learning curve.   It’s a learning curve that

Five New Year’s resolutions for your business

Plan your way to a great 2015

With every new year comes planning, excitement but also many questions – “How can I improve my marketing?”, “How can I stand out against my competitors?”, “How can my business operate more efficiently?”, the list goes on… So how do you prioritise when setting realistic New Year’s business resolutions? We’ve compiled a list to get you started:

New Report: Retail Service Innovation – Fashion Focus

What are fashion brands leaving on the table?


Earlier this year, we visited 20 top retailers and measured their commitment to offering added value services and experiences in store. Surprisingly, 80% of the fashion brands in the study scored fewer than half of the points on offer, which is significantly lower than every other sector, from consumer technology to homestores and pharmacy. So why did fashion score so low?

Widget Wednesday: Bath On Ice

Book a great day out ice skating this festive season with BookingBug!

This week’s Widget Wednesday is Bath’s favourite ice skating rink: Bath On Ice. No matter how good (or bad) your ice skating skills may be, Bath On Ice encourages customers to embrace the cold Winter weather this festive season, and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun with your nearest and dearest. Bath On Ice also offer visitors a pizza chalet and a bar – perfect for when you need to take a time out

Patient Engagement: Digital self-scheduling set to explode in healthcare over the next five years

2 in 3 appointments will be booked online by 2019

Healthcare appointment booking

An in-depth report released this week by Accenture takes a look at how, driven by patient demands for greater convenience and more control, healthcare booking in the US is shifting away from telephone and paper booking to digital online scheduling. The research finds that within five years, more than two thirds of medical appointments will be self-booked online by the patient.

How BookingBug is bringing a previously uncapturable category of customer into Salesforce

Aligning the digital and physical worlds for retail, banking, telco, healthcare, education, government & more...

In this always-connected, highly competitive and highly commoditised age, B2C brands are finding new ways to innovate and differentiate to stay competitive. One key way in which they’re doing this is through the delivery of services, experiences and knowledge sharing. As such, they are seeking new technologies and platforms to enable them to promote and deliver those services and manage customers through these new channels – which is exactly why we’ve built our partnership with Salesforce.

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