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NRF 2016: Setting the Tone for a BIG Year in Retail

Online-to-offline, opt-in data, in-store customer experiences and more...

NRF 2016

Something deeply transformative began happening in retail in 2015: focus truly shifted to how retailers can build sustainable, scalable omnichannel strategies that incorporate – and maximize value of – their physical stores and assets. So as we head into 2016 and get set for what’s shaping up to be another buzzing NRF, here’s what we think will be five significant trends emerging in retail over the next 12 months…

Improve your Customer Service with these 3 Tools

These 3 tools are built into your booking system and will help satisfy your customers

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BookingBug has a range of built in features that you can use to provide your customers with personalised and quick customer service.
Use these tips and features so that you won’t have to worry about spending a lot time or money on building meaningful and lasting relationships with your customers.

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