Booking Questions: Make your booking process more efficient

What are the benefits of using our booking questions feature?

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At BookingBug, we understand that each and every one of your customers are unique, and as such, have different requirements. By using Booking Questions, you can prepare for your customer’s booking – tailoring it to the information you receive before they’ve even walked through the door.

BookingBug + John Lewis

How BookingBug brought in store services into John Lewis’s omnichannel strategy

John Lewis

BookingBug CEO, Glenn Shoosmith, talks about one of our most interesting and far-reaching retail projects to date – with omnichannel heavyweight John Lewis… A fully integrated multichannel appointment booking system for 12 very different in store and at home services across 43 stores .

Going solo: The road to entrepreneurship

Start your new business venture without quitting your job


Starting out on your own is not always a smooth process, especially when you are already employed. The time and monetary requirements often deter people from turning their business idea into a reality. So is it really possible to juggle a project as big as this alongside full-time employment?

How much should you be charging for your service?

4 questions to ask yourself when working out your hourly rate

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It can often be difficult to gage how much you should be charging for your services. As well as covering your expenses, you also want to charge competitively and ensure you are charging appropriately for your skill set. So how can you work out a competitive and suitable price for your services that reflects your level of professionalism and expertise?

The BookingBug small business guide to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Use social media in your favour with our tips

We all know the benefits of using social media as part of your business’ marketing strategy – the high exposure, the low costs involved, and the vast, wide audience right at your fingertips.
And here at BookingBug, we understand how costly social media can be in terms of the time and effort it requires from small businesses, and how hard it can be to keep up with the various platforms available.

Enabling mobile access to government services

BookingBug presents customer success stories at Mobile Government 2015

The recent Mobile Government event in London brought together leaders from local and central government institutions from up and down the UK to discuss the future of public services. As mobile technologies become more ubiquitous, and customers expect to engage across multiple channels, BookingBug joined the conversation leading a packed seminar on “Next generation customer engagement.”

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