Learn how BookingBug is enabling mobile access to government services

Join us in London at the 2015 Mobile Government Summit

Mobile Government Summit 2015

Over the past two years the Digital by Default agenda has moved from theory to reality for government organisations, and their customers, up and down the UK. We’ve come a very long way, but there remains a lot more work still to do.

As government continues to find new ways to make services more accessible through digital channels, we are delighted to announce that we are partnering with Mobile Government 2015 event next month to join the discussion around enhancing and benefiting from mobility across both central and local government.

Customer Success: Plymouth City Council invests £960k in better ‘First Stop Shop’ experience

Public Sector adopts affordable, scalable cloud technology

As high street banks and retailers continue to invest in in store customer experience, the challenge for local councils to provide a competitive quality of service has grown. Plymouth City Council’s latest project combines flagship retail space with technology including BookingBug to modernise how citizens book and interact with public services. Visitors previously issued with ticket numbers will instead be booked in for a meeting, allowing customers to put their time to better use. Interested in this project? You may

Calling all SMEs: 9 tips for improving your blog post writing skills

Make your blog posts more readable and shareable.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 12.45.38

Blog posts are a great way of engaging with your customers by sharing valuable and interesting knowledge. It’s a channel for the inner workings of your business’ mindset and a place to discuss opinions from both your company and customers. A blog post is one of the most comprehensive forms of copy your business will generate, so it’s important to make sure that your writing is of a high quality in order to maximise not just your blog post’s readability, but shareability and reach too. So here at BookingBug, we thought we’d share our blog post writing tips and tricks to get your customers engaged and sharing your content

Bridging the gap between online and offline

How in-store services can help you build better customer relationships


There are many factors in-store that can influence a customer’s buying decisions, purely by getting a feel for a company’s space in person. The lighting, the layout, the colours, the music – all of this ambience contributes to a customer’s perception of your business. It’s all about giving them a physical space to enjoy your brand – even if they leave empty handed.

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