A digital revolution for the UK’s service businesses

Our CEO offers some top tips for selling services online

Ingenious Britain

Our CEO Glenn Shoosmith has shared his thoughts and advice with Ingenious Britain, on how entrepreneurs running the UK’s small and local businesses can sell their services online: “Over the past 10 years we’ve seen e-commerce boom as entrepreneurs running small and mid-sized businesses have benefitted from a host of cost effective tools and platforms enabling them to sell their wares online. Unfortunately when it comes to selling services online that picture is somewhat different. The human element of service

Widget Wednesday: Gamston Flying School

A friendly and professional flying school based in Nottinghamshire


Today’s Widget Wednesday is Gamston Flying School! Based in Nottinghamshire, UK, the school offers flying lessons, aircraft rental and PPL training. All of these services are bookable online using BookingBug, and their flying lessons make great gifts for family and friends. Cool Things: The widget’s colour scheme has been designed to match the rest of the website Anyone can view the school’s availability, though only existing members can actually book the services The school has a separate widget for their ground school

Widget Wednesday: The Yoga Forest

Book your tranquil forest retreat online now

The Yoga Forest logo

This week’s Widget Wednesday is one of BookingBug’s more exotic clients – The Yoga Forest! Based in the western highlands of Guatemala, The Yoga Forest offers a range of retreats for those looking to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the tropical forest. The business uses BookingBug to manage the reservations of their retreat accommodation.

Widget Wednesday: Pip’s Cooking School

Online booking for cookery classes and courses

Publicity Photo

Today’s Widget Wednesday features Pip’s Cooking School. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the cookery school offers a range of classes and weekly courses to teach students how to make exotic restaurant food in their own home. Neat things: The widget has a matching colour scheme to the rest of the website, in order for it to integrate seamlessly A separate booking widget for customers wishing to book a weekly course instead of an individual class A clear user guide to provide help

Widget Wednesday: Gorilla Circus

Book your class online to learn how to fly

Gorilla Circus logo

This week our featured Widget Wednesday BookingBug client is the fabulous Gorilla Circus. Based in London, Gorilla Circus is a flying trapeze school that aims to teach students of all ages how to ‘fly’, through a range of classes and courses. Neat things: Things to remember before bookings are made Detailed descriptions of what classes involve and how long they will last Four month calendar view in order for customers to book in advance Separate way to view booking widget in another

Widget Wednesday: The Kitesurf Centre

Only the best

Kent Kitesurfing   Kite surfing Lessons   kiteboarding courses

For today’s Widget Wednesday, the feature site is The Kitesurf Centre! Based in Kent, London, The Kitesurf Centre teaches all types of kite and watersports with professionalism, from kite surfing to to wakeboarding to kayaking.   Neat things: Well-written descriptions that both describe and sell the services Thumbnail images to represent the different classes Simple instructions written out for how to book online In addition to the available times and dates for activities, customers can contact the business to arrange

What can the high street do that Amazon can’t?

Our CEO Glenn Shoosmith shares his thoughts with Retail Gazette

online appointment booking

We speak to Retail Gazette about how retailers are focussing on services, education and in-store expertise to re-establish the in store value proposition and differentiate again Amazon.

There was a time when shopping was a real hands-on, social activity. When shops were the only place to shop, they had to be a catch-all for every step of the buying process from initial research, to decision making, customer, service, delivery and more. In some ways, it’s incredible they handled the challenge as well as they did…

Widget Wednesday: Essential Dance & Fitness

Positively Passionate About Dance

essential 2

For today’s Widget Wednesday, the feature site is Essential Dance & Fitness! Based in Australia, Rebecca Marie offers a whole range of dance classes for all ages and coaching for educators, in hopes of bringing the positivity and fitness element of dance to everyone. Neat things: Prominent button to booking widget on the landing page Separate widgets for different target audiences (after school kids workshop, school bookings, etc.) Clear distinction between adult and kids services Use of shopping cart makes it

Widget Wednesday: Allstar Motorcycle Training

Easy booking for Australian courses

Welcome to Allstar Motorcycle Rider Training

For today’s Widget Wednesday, the feature site is Allstar Motorcycle Training! Based in Victoria, Australia, Allstar Motorcycle Training ensures that whatever your motorcycle experience, from complete novice to frequent rider, they have the courses and training to help you acquire the skills you want to develop.       Neat things: Branding colours found throughout the site, from the logo to the images to the booking widget Offers gift vouchers to promote sales Course details written out below widget as

Add value to your stores if you want to thrive in 2014

Our CEO Glenn Shoosmith shares his thoughts with Retail Week

Omnichannel retailing

The answer to the question “Do retailers have to do more than just sell?” is of course a resounding yes – they should however look beyond just becoming online content publishers, they also need to redefine themselves as trusted educators in store.

Those brands that are currently making waves when it comes to innovating in store are engaging by re-establishing the value of face-to-face sales. They are giving customers a compelling reason to head into stores by focusing on value-add services, expertise and education.

Think Pets at Home’s in store pet nutrition consultations, Hobbycraft’s recent announcement that they want to get as many people crafting as possible, and Jessops’ re-focus on in store training and education, to name a few.

Each of these brands is asking themselves “what can we do that Amazon can’t?” and the answer lays in the (often untapped) value of the expertise that they already have on their shop floors and the personal service they can offer. Those brands that can differentiate by identifying, defining and promoting their in store value-add are the ones we’ll see striding ahead through 2014 and beyond.

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